Rapport/Quest Bug

Having an issue where I tried to get a quest and it said I needed 50 kindness, but now it will not let me do any daily emotes or give gifts either. This started yesterday and is still going on. I checked on all my alts, and same thing, can’t do anything with rapport at all. Which sucks because I found this rapport item that is epic and has 20 minute timer :frowning:

Hi there, Paragon78x.

What is your character name and your server name?

Character: Kataliña on Server: Elzowin. I did figure out that it only affect Neria, but it affects it on all my characters, which I have a few I was trying out being new to the game, but none are high level. I am still able interact with other Rapport NPC’s, just not Neria.

The thing is I can’t give gifts, or show emotes or anything on any of my characters. From what I can tell happened, I tried to pick up a quest, it gave me an error saying that my kindness was 8/50 and it required 50 kindness to start quest. Then from that point forward it just gives me the error “You must complete the previous level of rapport Quest to Give Rapport item to this NPC. Please complete the Rapport quest first”. It says the same thing on every character, no matter if I select Show emote, play instrument or Give gift.

I’m not overly concerned, and I’m sure it will resolve when I get enough kindness but it does seem like a bug, so I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Thanks for getting back with me.

No problem, Paragon78x!

I’ll get this over to the development team asap.

This is how it works for all rapport npcs. When your rapport reaches a certain level the npc might offer a rapport quest.

If your rapport with the npc is at a certain level you have to complete the quest before you can continue to use the emotes, songs or gifts. If your rapport is below a certain level when the quest shows you can continue to emote etc until it reaches the level where you must do quest to continue. Most rapport quests have a rpg stat requirement.

For KR i assume this was to gate progress until players developed rpg stats through playing. For west it seems like arbitrary block because we progress so fast you will hit a lot of these rpg stat / quest blocks for rapport npcs.

There is a rapport skip trick you can use but at low level for new player it is probably not useful. You can search rapport skip on youtube or reddit for description. Basically you feed large number of rapport gifts just before you reach rapport block point in order to skip to trusted level

Awesome thank you, this is good to know. So yea, I was trying different alts and leveling up. I don’t have time to play a whole lot, but I was in the starting area a lot and I Just kept doing dailies with Neria, since she was one of the few NPC’s I had access too. I remember doing one quest for her, I found a epic rapport item, or got one from completion and gave it to her, this might have leveled her up enough to start the new quest, but my kindness is to low.

Yeah it can be annoying at the start. Later there will be so many rapport npcs you can always use up your daily emotes etc even if some of them are blocked because of stats.

It’s a good idea to use all your emote and song chances everyday because its a lot of rapport over time.

Kindness, courage etc will grow over time with quests, achievements and some from skins too.

Best of luck.