Rapports levels removed, why?

Hey there
I just realized that the affection level and its rewards for Sasha and Ealyn have been removed? Why was this done and why is it shadowpatched again like what happened with the Feiton rapports? Those that already did it got their rewards while the rest of us that were working on it/still didnt do it got screwed. Same crap and no announcement beforehand. At least give the people those rewards you removed if you are gonna remove the level or warn people a week beforehand so they can finish it and get their loot. Im waiting to see if a dev will reply or they will ignore this forum like my Gesbroy bug forum was ignored

What do you mean?
Can I still get giant heart from Sasha?

You get the giant heart from the “Trust” level. But there was an “Affection” level with other rewards and that got removed and its rewards. No reasons said or announcement. Just remove it and hope no one notices

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Check other threads before writing your own. Its a bug

Oh wow… Didn’t realize that

I did look, but didnt find a thread about it. Could be cause of the multiple threads about the multiple issues with today’s patch. Could have taken their time instead of rushing everything together in one go

thanks though for the info mate

Bugs always happen with major game updates. Imagine how much more whining and crying there would be if they delayed the update for a week.

they do happen, but this is ridiculous with the amount of bugs. Im actually more of the side of taking their time. Id rather wait with minor bugs (bugs are inevitable in games) than rushed stuff with major bugs all over.
I dont get why ppl want rushed content. Dont get me started on the major patches every month, no time to enjoy things and devs make mistakes and get backlash. Its a loss loss imo
But the few that whine, whine the loudest so its their voices that is heard unfortunately

I dunno, seems about on par with most MMO’s in terms of decent sized updates and bugs. It’s almost always a minor dumpster fire after a significant update on an MMO. I’m not saying it’s a good thing, but it seems to be consistent (at about this level) across all the MMO’s I’ve played for a number of years.