Rare Tasha Unavailable

Hello all,

I think my game is bugged. I spent time grinding the 6000 slime coins on Slime Island. For several days Ive checked the inventory for the merchant on Slime Island, and the Slime Island vendor on Atropos. Rare Tasha hasnt been available once.

The only other post about this says the daily must be completed, but this is contradicted by user feedback who say she appeared in shop without it.

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I haven’t been to slime yet but I assume you’re looking for a rare crew to recruit.

It’s really also RNG what npc carrying to sell. Like wandering merchants, merchant ships and stronghold travelling merchants.

Been doing the daily on slime island everyday and rare tasha never is for sale. I had time to farm 6k jelly coins, maxed out the daily “a new dish” rep to final rep complete and she still not showing up.

She just wont show up for me ever… yulia on slime island ALWAYS has white tasha crew mate not the blue version and the slime island vendor on atropos island ALWAYS has white Ahu crew mate…

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I have been checking both islands daily for about 2 1/2 weeks and the stock is always the same with normal ahu at atropos island vendor and normal tasha at slime island itself, always the exact same stock being offered.
I have maxed out rep on slime island and just maxed out rep on atropos island… still no rare tasha showing up on either island.
At this point I wonder if ANYONE has seen rare tasha show up in the last couple weeks at all?
I am starting to suspect the rotation for these vendors is broken.

I got her two days after my post here, but based on things I’ve heard from guildmates she has an absolutely atrocious appear rate and I got super lucky.

Honestly it’s pretty disgusting. 6000 slime tokens is NOT an easy grind. The least they could do is make the final step headache-free.

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That my issue… the jelly coins are grind enough and she’s a blue aka rare crew mate so increase her rate of appearance or something cause this is beyond silly.

Still no rare tasha today!

Again nada for rare tasha!

EDIT 20222/04/07 so today there was a change in the stock finally but game is trolling me as it changed from slime island from normal tasha to normal ahu and at the atropos island vendor from normal ahu to normal tasha. Game is good at trolling us!

Una server on NA east.

Yeah she definitely has a really odd spawn.

Before having the slime coins I was just browsing through the different vendors on Atropos to see what they had out of curiosity and saw Tasha.

Of course now that I have the coins, it’s like she disappeared into thin air to never be seen again.

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At Slime Island today, but I’m on Neria EU Central.

2022/04/09 Still no es bueno!
2022/04/10 zippo today too!
2022/04/11 still nope!
2022/04/12 nope!
2022/04/13 nope!
2022/04/14 nope!
2022/04/15 checked twice at both island and still a big fat nope!

on NA East Una

2022/04/16 nope!
2022/04/17 zippo!
2022/04/18 nope! nope!
2022/04/19 zippo
2022/04/20 nada!

2022/04/21 OMFG Rare tasha is up today at slime island vendor Yulia! If you are on NA East Una go get her guy n gals!