Re-bind mouse wheel

Is it possible to re-bind/un-bind mouse wheel for zooming in on the character?

While it makes sense, I regularly accidentally zoom in on my character during fights due to my disability, so un-binding it would be very helpful for me.


I’m try to do this too, I as able to find that using X-mouse will do the trick, however I’m trying to see if is something that we are allowed to use, since its a software and you know… could get banned and sh!t.

Hello adventurers!

@jinxpad Yes, you could unbind your keys with no problem, just, please do not use a 3rd party software that could get you in trouble with the EAC system.

@jinxpad & @andresdnunezr I’ve personally checked into this matter as I’ve been grinding as a Gunslinger and I find it easier to use my scroll-wheel to change my guns (yeah, I took the idea from well known shooters :laughing:), and it could be tricky to use 3rd party software to bind your keys. So, after doing some research, I found helpful my Razer Synapse 3.0 which is a registered and famous software to add different bindings to your keys, and it is not penalized by the EAC system. This is the one I’ve been using, and recommending my friends to use, but it could be the G-Hub as well, and other software that are included with your peripherals.

I hope this helps, and I’ll be here reading you in case you guys want to add something.

Have a Good Game! :grinning:

Hey @Burchet Thanks for the reply, I understand that using a registered and famous software is the best way to do it, but what if I have a generic mouse with 7 buttons, the brand is Arteck (is great to be honest) however will not work with Razer Synapse 3.0 or G-hub since these software require a logi or razer product. So what you are telling us is that the game by itself does not allows us to change the bindings and we are only allowed to use registered softwares - is X-Mouse is out of the question?


Im in the same boat as @andresdnunezr , I use a mouse which is neither Razer or Logitech, and does not have per app profile switching, which would mean manually changing profiles constantly when playing the game and tabbing out. This is really inconvenient.

Option to rebind should be standard same as a “move only key”, or the option to turn off the loot spam in the middle of the screen, or at least to allow to move it.

Its so annoying on my Gunslinger not being able to use mousewheel for weapon switch (changing wheel in the driver is no option, I constantly go over to my 2nd screen and then I wouldnt be able to scroll).

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How can we know it interacted or not with the eac sistem?

Whats the penalty, what do you mean by that?