Re-Binding Shift modifer with AHK


So to start off, I love how the game is different from every other MMO. I don’t mind learning new UI, mechanics, etc. But for the love of god… why can’t I keybind Shift+keybind in my action bar?

I know that there is no way of changing it in future patches, because shift in this game can be keybinded just as a single key and not a modifer.

But it can be really easily re-binded by myself using simple AHK scripts. But I have no idea if that’s allowed in Lost Ark. I mean … if they investigated my profile, would they look into if Im just using re-bind scripts and not some game breaking macros? Or they would just see AHK running and banning me outright?

You guys think I should risk it, or just learn new keybinds?