RE: Character Slot Limit

I’m going to try and make this clear again in a new post because the other one seems to have been ignored. Many players bought extra character slots on their account because they wanted to play every class. In the shop you could buy the item to increase your character slots 18 times. This would give you plenty of slots to make each class, however when going to the character select page players are capped at 12 slots. This means not only can we not play every class we want to, but the store lied to us and sold us a product we cannot use. Talking to support has gotten only “We will send it to the team” with no real answers or even the option to refund the extra tickets for the time being. I just want my slots honestly. If this can not be ignored like the last thread that would be great.

Feels like this is just going to get lost in the other posts before it is seen by a CM

put in a support ticket with AGS and threaten a chargeback , 100% you will get a response in no time with some sort of solution

I already tried talking to support about the issue, Didn’t get anywhere