Re-enabled powerpass bug

When the powerpasses got disabled i used it in my inventory just to have it whet it gets fixed and now the game is acting like i dont have it ?
Please someone help

You’ll be better off either in Game Support or raising a ticket directly to support.

Maybe a bit more info to i.e.

In-game name

Which can help the mods better too, hopefully you get it sorted :+1:

im sorry but im new to lost ark forums where do i exactly go if i want to solve the problem?
do i find it on this site or i need to go somewhere else?

This is for actual in-game issues your facing my friend :slight_smile:

Or a direct ticket to AGS can be done through their main site here:

@moderators I’ll tag moderators, as they “may” be able to move this post to Game Support instead of you having to recreate it.

thank you for your time and im going to try to fix it

Hello, I’ve moved this thread over to game support for you.

Can you also confirm whether the power pass you used was one purchased from the store, or one of the free ones.

As only the free power passes have been re-enabled for now.

I have a problem with the free powerpass

In that case I will relay this issue to the team. Thanks for confirming!

Thanks for the help i am really grateful

I should have said but could you also reply with your server and character name. That could help narrow down any issues :slightly_smiling_face:.

server : Trixion
name: Zoveus

Thank you!

Some extra advice; giving it a few hours or restarting the client may help. If all fails then you can contact our support.

Alright thank you for your time have a good day :slight_smile:

Hi i know u probably have a lot to do but i did all that u suggested (waiting few hours , 5 to be exact, restart client) but it is still not on my account. I even myself submited a ticket directly to amazon around 4 and a half hour ago. What should i do ?

This is insane, I can’t even create a new post in the support forum… I just get a red circle with a slash through it. Just trying to find out why I don’t have my free Punika pass to use after I clicked on it (just not available for any character, despite the character being eligible) nor have I gotten any sort of compensation chest. Feeling kinda hopeless, this is not a great situation and apparently there’s HUNDREDS of players experiencing the same thing? Why?

I’m having the exact same issue as the author of this thread.
Guess we are all but alone with this kind of problems and Amazon Games should be aware of it for some time now.

How about an official statement?

i hope they will fix it tomorrow during the maintenance

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Hello @PlumpShad0w, welcome to the forums @radko.vesteg and @phifi, thank you for moving the post over @OminousOnio, and thank you @Jammyuk for your valuable input,

Thank you for your questions regarding Power Pass / Support Package availability. Free Power passes should already be showing in your accounts.

Remember, passes first arrive via in-game mail. Once claimed from there, you can use them from your inventory and at that point you will see them in the character selection screen. If you have followed all those steps and do not see these under character select, log out and return to the server select screen as they should be there, if you already consumed the item from your inventory.

In regards to the “Punika Growth Support pack” specifically, this will be delivered to your Universal Storage (Sub-Menu under Guide) eventually if you were one of the players that:
1- Completed a quest to earn a free Power Pass (Ealyn’s Gift or Berver’s Friend) between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.
2- Have an unused free Power Pass and actively logged in between July 23rd and when free Power Passes were re-enabled.

If still not showing for you, please allow up to 48 hours and check with the above criteria again. If not there at that point, do not hesitate reaching back so we may check further on this for you.

Hope this clarifies the situation for you and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

I’m aware of that and I’m pretty sure i consumed the item which arrived by mail. In case im wrong, please read after the next quote:

I finished the Berver’s Friend quest with all characters BEFORE July 23rd. Is this a problem? Do i need to make a new charakter to finish the quest with a new one? Or should any of the previously finished quests already count to earn me the free Punika Power Pass and the Growth Support pack later on?

Hello @phifi,

Thank you for clarifying your scenario. If you consumed the item from inventory it should now be showing under character selection. The Punika Growth Pack was an additional incentive besides the Power Pass (different item) and cannot be obtained anymore, only available to players in the two listed scenarios.

If either the Power Pass or Punika Growth Pack (for qualifying players) is not showing as intended, please allow up to 24 hours for this to refresh and if not there by then, contact us back so we may check on it.

Hope this clarifies your questions and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: