Re-entry systems needs to be changed - this should be the upmost priority,at least for raids. Proposed solution there

The current re entry system does not fix the most important issue : Game crashing.

Game crashing has most often than not little to do with bad internet - it happens to far too many people. Sometimes game just crashes. For someone it happens more often, for someone less often. Whatever it is, it is rarely the problem with the player, but the problem with the game.

And when that happens, people are locked out of content - chaos dungeon entry gone, guardian raid gone, and worse : abyssal dungeons, argos, or the worst of all : valtan.

Simple solution for raids and abyssal dungeons: If the game crashes and group finishes the raid and obtains the rewards, the rewards should be automatically sent to Mail for Everyone in the group - that would prevent the issue for someone who is not logged in and thus cannot receive items in his inventory.
Now you would lose out on bonus chests, unless you could possibly add option like " always buy bonus chest in raids " - which would fix that issue as well.
That would be perfect.
This way, nobody could even exploit by purposively crashing to be able to carry others .

And if raid would not get finished, then one should be eligible for re entry ticket.

This should be your upmost priority to fix. Why ? Because many people most likely already quit because of it, and others will follow in the future.
Why is that ? Because imagine you spend … Months to access the new raid or new content on release - and then your game crashes and you lose out all rewards and you cannot access it that week.
Or even worse : You could spent lets say 10 hours fighting and after defeating the boss, the game will crash and you will not gain any rewards.
If that were to happen to me, i would straight up quit. And many would too.

It is honestly quite suprising this hasnt been resolved yet. The least that should be done is to grant re entry ticket, but that does not always happen.
Regarding chaos dungeons and guardian raids - who cares. Thats not important.
But raids should absolutely be dealt with.

This should be your Highest priority to deal with, and hope you figure this out - it is in your best interest after all.


I add my take here too, as one that NEVER had this issue by now, I can see it how disgusting can be for someone to experience this system of weekly entrances lost for things out of our control. And because a sh*t didnt happen to me, don’t mean it will not happen ever.

For me this is the only concern right now with this game, I love this game as a whole and I seen so many improvements they worked on for us since release.
I hope your thread get more attention than mine and they do something to change this unnecessary punishments at least for unfinished Legion Raids and better system for finished ones.

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Question, how would this system not get abused, specially by those with 0 tolerance to mistakes in parties?

With your proposed fix I could simply ctrl alt del and force close the game leaving your party screwed up simply 'cause I wanted you to do the job for me and I would still get full rewards in instances like chaos dungeons or raids that can be done for card farming?

Should this people waste their time out of someone else’s tantrum and also give the person a ticket back to annoy another party?

How would you deal with this type of abuse? I promise you there are plenty ways to have programs crash on purpose.

By what you are saying, it couldn´t be exploited - because you dont have to alt f 4. If you want to, you could just AFK during the fight and do nothing. Same thing essentially.

First noone cares man about chaos dungeons and abys card farming when we point this. Is troubling also that we even make comparations, is about Legion Raids.

Some don’t see the severity of the issue of playing a raid 10h and get a natural dc and lose entrance for whole week. you do not own a internet company or power supply that can also guarantee you 100% uptime. Why you don’t see it? Because it didn’t happened to you? I bet you will care about whatever sort of card farming abuse when you will happen to casually lose your weekly Valtan after 30 wipes and stuff :slight_smile:

Secondly, is simple and SUFFICE a TIME PENALTY of whatever ammount even 1 damn day for who crash than the complete nonsense losing your weekly entrance for a disconnect.

I’m not talking about afking.

Just crash the game come back 15 mins later, free rewards.

How would you prevent the abuse from those who call surrender 'cause someone missed a safe spot on Argos?


Such people that would quit, they will always, and I mean always will make you QUIT anyway, is not nuclear science to make 7 people want press the Quit Vote, all they have to do is just go in and play bad one run, no drama no words all quit.
This SYSTEM only punishes innocent players, in a very harsh form, does not protect them from nothing.

Thats only if they beat the raid of course. If they wont beat rewards, of course no rewards.

Same like afking during right - you get reards anyway

Before we are speaking about a better system on finished raid, we are not developers btw we just can see is a big problem here, we are players. We are speaking for nothing here debate what system will work better. They sure can find the one solution to not PUNISH innocent players and combat abuse too.
After that why don’t you see this happens on UNFINISHED raids too, that it only punish innocent players as the ones that quit will make you quit anyway.

And again, biggest problem is Legions Raids time consuming and happen something like a natural dc. You bring Argos now on table just so we have something debate?


Did I say I saw no problem with it?
Did I mention I had never been in this situation and missed Argos or Punika abyss hard modes for this?

I am literally asking how would this prevent intentional crashes which are a google search away from retrieving results.

Chill a bit please, I’m just pointing flaws on this fix that could be also talked and make it a more robust solution.

Now, a time penalty sounds alright but it should be given to everyone with a crash?

Your point makes no sense.

If you dont want to do anything, you would just AFK and its the same thing. Either you get kicked or they finish it.
if you DC, they would quit and find someone else, as they wouldnt do it with 7 people.
You cant exploit it at all.

This is a serious thing, so dont play around.

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I’m a dev and work in security which is why I instantly pointed this loopholes.

I am in nowhere against a solution for this because is recurrent specially with maintenances being called without much previous time.

Again, chill I just want to point is not simple and should have more than just free ticket to everyone

I am chill, Is just we are just players !
I myself do not own such solution what will works best what will prevent ALL abuse. And even if I try think of one it will not help much, they have the best data to understand and avoid abuses, whatever they type.

I just see that this current system does nothing right now but hundreds of people losing Valtan entrance for things out of their control.

So you give free reign to those who are already toxic during runs to just keep doing it until they get carried, which is what they usually look for, and that’s it?

Pretty exploitable imho

Why are you talking about ?
If someone is toxic, afk, or disconnected - you just vote to quit and find someone else ( or you wait a bit for someone who got disconnected if it was a nice person).

You think if toxic person disconnected , people would just carry him with the penalty of one person missing ? No. They would just vote quit and find someone else.


Yeah, I’m a player too btw and have faced both dc issues thanks to our beloved latam connection and also found people griefing during runs which has caused weekly entries be lost.

But even then, there should be more than just “Give back an entry” from quitting.

Again, crashing can be achieved intentionally and it would be exploitable if someone is continuously being thrown out and quit, you already lost whatever time you are spending (No rewards either btw) as you would need to go back on looking gor support queue or attempt without it using your consumables (which many complain about and is why prefer to wait for supports) which in the end is a loss.

There could be more steps for the surrender vote to validate the reason of the surrender and hopeful a review with data to retrieve the ticket based on stuff like damage dealt, shielding, healing or something that can validate you actually tried and not that you were being a hindrance for the party

Noone will intentionally leave a Legion Raid getting a 1 day penalty just as example, whatever they find fit punishment. But even then people that want QUIT, will make you quit man, understand it please they do not need much creativity for that.

I am keep stressing this severity of Legion Raids, because of how much time consuming is.
You are still bring in discussions past moments of Abys Dungeon, can there be done something to improve? Sure. But the outrageous possibilty is happening on a weekly Valtan which there are people spend even 20h no exageration. Yes is not average but they are people even so, that can lose entrance even on unfinished raids after all that work.

I myself finished Valtan Hm 3-4h never experienced no entrance loss, but I can see how bad this can go in future , and we being punished for something out of our control. I genuinly have 0 Enjoyment for next week Valtan, 0 ! Just want finish fast as possible to not get a dc? Is this normal to you feel so? Before we try wrap our brains here for abuses?

There are solutions for all the things u bring up, like said already time penalty on dc, and sure developers can think of hundreds more not the one that just lose your ticket bye all week.

Weird how you experience crashes and I never have I ran two valtans on two separate characters. Never crashed once maybe it’s the players internet.

I never experience crashes either, but is not guarantee we will never have a crash, a internet dc, power outage etc… This things are out of our control, and this raids are time consuming that makes them pretty possible.

What positivity you bring to players and game by completely remove weekly entrance on a disconnect? That by so many natural means can happen. Instead of whatever time penalty punish? What positive is in this, I can only see the huge negativity of hundreds of people lost their Valtan this week.

Thats fine. But even if there 1% chance of happening - that would already be too high.

Many people were the few unlucky ones, for its not just few people playing the game.

This should be priority to fix. It can be you next week.