Re-entry Ticket for Valtan not obtained in 48 hours wait

Hello so 2 days ago when the server reset I decided to get some things out of the way and Valtan was one of them, while doing Hard Mode Phase 1 I dced and I didn’t get any loot and at the same time I got locked out for the week.
I was told to wait 2 days(48 hours) and see if the re-entry ticket would be sent out by the automated system, nothing so I am here. I know on the forums mods were telling us it has to be a server side issue to merit a re-entry but hear me out: I was not told of this because this had happen to me prior Pre-Valtan. TLDR I did Argos Pre-Valtan, I crashed during Phase 1 of Argos and when i logged back in I had the re-entry ticket in my mail, note this wasn’t a server side issue because 10 minutes after relogging my internet went down again for 3 hours and my ISP sent me a notification that they were resolving some issues so I don’t know how I got a re-entry ticket then w/o the need of pressing for it and now is a different issue.
Is it a case that the ToS changed when Valtan release so people wouldn’t abuse the system somehow?
Am i screwed out of the week and not getting my Relic weapon finally?
WIll there be improvement of this anytime soon? I get that preventing people from abusing something but this is madness after I saved gold and everything waiting on my relic weapon i have to wait ANOTHER week.
Thanks if anything can be done, I did send in a support ticket as well.

Server: Kharmine
IGN: Daitome


Currently there is no way to restore items or to give items to players. Because of a DC you got locked out of the instance. There is a small opertunity that you will get a Valtan run ticket refunded within 48 hours.

But only if it is server DC related, then you might be eligible for it.

If not, you will have to sit a week out.

Please read this post for the full information about this:

Hello, okay don’t know where I asked for restoring any items or giving any items to players but sure. Well it has been 48 hours and nothing but the real issue I think is been overlooking is the simple inquiry that is there if I had thing happen before and again it was not server side issues but my ISP then why did I get a re-entry for that time and not this time? Note again both case are non-server side DCs which makes no sense and yes if both times I didn’t get an re-entry ticket then it would have been fine not optimal but fine,

“Players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects” I guess they cocked up and sent me the Argos re-entry ticket then good for me no complains here then but fix this asap because it is nonsense in all truth.

Hello @fortiskev and thank you @InochiEsDi for your accurate answer,

I am sorry to hear of your disconnection and understand you may have received a re-entry ticket in the past for a disconnection that happened on your end and which happened to match a server known outage but bear in mind, however, we do not provide entry tickets in case of disconnections that are not identified as having been caused on our end.

That is to say if the system did not reissue your entry ticket in this occasion it is because it did not identify the disconnection as coming from us. Also, each case is handled independently and is not guaranteed to affect other instances of similar occurrences. You can read on how we handle these scenarios here.

Hope this helps and see you in Arkesia! :wolf:

Appreciate the non-run of the mill response but still still bad that the automated system is janky af. It definitely needs to be updated or the ToS needs to because a lot of players including myself seem to be shafted by this awful setup, sad I have to wait another week to get my relic weapon at least I know I am staying f2p because of this.

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