Re-entry Ticket Valtan Gate 2

I was locked out of Valtan Gate 2 Satuday for the Server Crash, i try reaching out in the forums, by a web ticket and by chat, saturday they told me to wait, sundey they told me i was going to get a ticket for re-entry and toldme to wait, i wait other 24 hours, Today when a reach to chat support they ask me again for me Character and Server, and they told me this

i never got that ticket, and even i wast locked out from Gate 1, i was from Gate 2

And This is the only think they could say to me

Imagine playing a game, using you time and money, and one of the biggest mechanics of the game so you dont get behind everyone Else, its pray to no get Disconected when the Amazon Server Crash…

Their Sistem is bugged, shows that you where in Gate one, even when you are in gate two, so when the sistem try to get you the ticket it shows you already compleated that one so you dont get Anything,

Very nice sistem