Re-entry ticket valtan - still waiting

Hi there,

I still haven’t received my re-entry ticket for Valtan when it crashed yesterday along with others.

IGN: Riverphoenix
Server: Bergstrom

Others that I was in the same instance with that also got DC’d are:
server: Valtan
IGN: Chocococoa , Wotanisi, Sizzurp

They are also on this forum asking. This has been very inconvenient as the weekend was my only chance to clear this.


I have not recieved mine either.

IGN: Clownpower
Server: Bergstrom


I am letting the team know that the process in place may be missing some players.

I have also not received my re-entry ticket

Server: Enviska
IGN: Acayex

I also have not recived my ticket


Thank you

I also have not recived my ticket


still waiting on mine aswell.
IGN: Ungodly

The process needs to check the logs since Valtan release, the hotfixes that required server maintenance also affected a lot of players and for whatever reason, only some of the hotfixes were reissued tickets.

Server: Mari
IGN: Myus

No ticket as well

Hi! seeing you reply to this gives me hope. 36 hours, still no tickets

IGN: Queller
Server: Valtan

waiting on mine aswell

Server Eu central Zinnervale
IGN: Smartmatic

Screenshots ticket number V592544120

imagine playing since release each day missing out on latest content loot, gear trans loot!
what does one like me conclude is the best solution to proceed further? yep quitting and not missing out. also imagine a game support not helping in times of need which is the whole purpose of it my decission depends on yours :smiley: .

Still haven’t received Valtan reentry ticket.
Server: Rohendel
IGN: Zhuhigh

NA-West Akkan

Still Nothing

NA West Bergstorm
IGN; Sâbâgâ

Server: NA- West AKKAN
Character: Ichïka

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So my guildy, who was not even logged on at the time, got a re-entry ticket…
I still have not got one. When I submitted a ticket for this, they said it is an automated system and nothing they can do if I dont automatically get one…

I’ve reached out to CS multiple times regarding this issue…
posting here for traction if for some reason my account isn’t already flagged

Server: NA-West Mari
Character: Gomdorl

Still have yet to receive my lockout reentry ticket for Valtan Hard when it has been 48hrs+ since the servers crashed

NA-West valtan

Same Issue, still haven’t gotten the re-entry ticket
Server: Bergstrom
Character Name: Byuen

My friend from the same server also have the same issue:
Character Name: Duklun