Re-Entry tickets

With all the server issues both in the past and the present, why do we not have a better detection system for people to gain re-entries? All instanced content should be flagging loot collection as the ‘instance’ being completed there is zero reason for me to lose a Guardian Raid entrance because I DC’d and wasn’t able to re-enter. Same goes for Argos and Valtan, if I have not collected loot I should be able to enter into the instance. Period.

Will there be people who would abuse this system? Sure, but we shouldn’t be putting systems in place to stop the minority that will abuse these systems they need to be dealt with outside of said systems. Players should absolutely not be losing their weekly lock outs because of server issues or issues outside of their own control. Just to be told “Well our automated system determined that its not our fault so no ticket for you.” Many players lost their entry into both Valtan and Argos with the server stability issues last night and many are being told that if they didn’t receive an automated ticket there’s nothing that can be done. This doesn’t make any sense we’ve had near 10-12 hours of maintenance on a Saturday and you would claim that their loss is on the user?

The Re-Entry ticket system seriously needs a look over and a better design overall. Losing your entry into content can and does set a player back quite literally an entire week. The only thing these players get that lost their entries with no chance of getting it back is a couple Resonance potions a few healing items and 3 days of aura? That’s like leaving a penny for a tip, its more insulting then nothing at all.


This, if there was a system to help people, for whatever reason, disconnected at the end of argos, or valtan, it will absolutely be abused. I would abuse it, not ashamed to admit it. But degenerates like me need to be dealt with outside of the current system.

Real life happens, shit that is out of your control happens. Power goes out on the last few bars, you ISP had a bad day and decides to drop service at the end cut scene, Someones booger eating crotch goblin decides to flip the shiny red switch on a surge protector. They should have a better protection system in place for things like that.

A system that benefits the majority of players that had issues, either user side, or server side needs to be added, instead of giving a piss poor excuse of a compensation for losing out on the new content and the gear and character progression that comes with it.

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It is impossible to make a perfect solution that never fails to provide the “correct” outcome. In this case you have 2 solution systems. Either the system sometimes punishes those who do not deserve to be punished or the system sometimes allows those who abuse the imperfectness of the system to go unpunished. The latter of the two is far less harmful to the player population.

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How would it be abused though?

Like the only thing I could see happening is someone leaving and screwing over the rest of the group, but that doesn’t seem like a common occurence, and they aren’t really gaining anything there because they will then have to run again.

Can i interested you in bus’s? I can tote a 1370 all the way up to p3 argos, dc at the end kill and bada bing, i get my re entry back.

edit: People still bus as it sits rn, but an updated system would allow people to bus multiple times

I disconected from second gate Valtan Hard and didn’t get a re entry ticket, my party needs me, please let me try this wonderfull content, Name: Kritum , Server: SA

Great topic.

Yea, bussing will be an issue but I don’t think that is the majority. I have always felt that LA had some issues with entries. Seems to me that there should simply be a flag that simple indicates whether I got end rewards. If I haven’t I can enter.

People are going to bus whether there are things to prevent it or not. This system simply hurts fair playing players and doesn’t really prevent the issue that @IrishFistFight brings up.

How do you know what the end is?

Although yes, I could see this being an issue for Valtan, that’s why in another thread I could see it making sense that someone who DCs loses their lockout if that instance completes the fight.

It makes no sense through if the servers go down, 8 people dc, and they all get locked out.

My game is without sound too, up vote to help me, please. I received a ticket once this week, but i got disconected again D:

Could be at the final cutscene, could be at 10% hp. It wouldn’t take long to find where Smilegate would flag where a re enter ticket could be issued at.

But, wouldn’t that hurt the average joe more than someone who is using the system maliciously? That’s why a system change would benefit the majority of players. A check for players that are repeating using the re enter system would be miles better, vs what we have now. If a single toon enters valtan 5 times, and somehow disconnects at roughly the same time, 5 times back to back to back, That would bring up a bit of suspicion, wouldn’t it?

Very true

Its definitely a system that is being adjusted as we experience moments like this. Not long ago we were unable to give anything back.

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Seems like AGS has its work cut out for them on issues like this. Not sure if Kr has the same issues working on compensating players for server issues, but it is uplifting that the current system is getting reworked for problems in our regions. Keep up the good work


please help me sir, posted here already, but My internet died my Valtan Hard and my party went to the leader’s stronghold witch was taking me several minutes to load in, so I quit and reopened the game since loading was taking so long, and i did not get a re entry, for the love of everything give me a chance. This game is my life. Character: Kritum , Server: SA

We appreciate that it is being worked on, but I think AGS could be doing a bit more in terms of communication. Most of my frustration and annoyance during this release and the new game to my list is that there have been very sincere communication issues in getting us the info.

A good example is this morning. There were very little communication for us to see what was happening. When I went to get on I just knew that I couldn’t. It was a hunt to try to find updates and that just simply shouldn’t be the case.

Re-entry tickets is a good topic for you to reply on, and I appreciate the response, but I would love to know a little more about what the options are that are being considered.


what should I do?

Ps.: fixed the sound rpoblem from earlier posts, was on my end, only the sound problem tho


Aye, glad to hear it bud

Can you clarify if the system is set up to work with server maintenance?

We have one support member who said that being disconnected by servers going down for maintenance will not give you a ticket, and two others who have said it will give a ticket “unless you are inelligible”.

I still need a ticket :frowning:

I lost the opportunity to claim the Valtan reward because of this stupid maintenance.

This maintenance was not on the user’s fault. The server status was unstable clearly showing the providers had issue and AGS is shifting the blame on users stating if the ‘ticket loss’ is actually on the actual server problem.

They are saying for us to wait 24 hours but I still haven’t received the re-entrance ticket. What is going on?