Re Mari and other NA West Servers Queue


I am not here to complain, but might I suggest a temporary fix ?

Would you consider planned server restarts once a day to clear the bots while this issue gets fixed ?

I really love this game, but at this point its taking a toll on me with this inconsisteny. I wake up early on purpose to do my dailies prior to work and it sad to see 7k queue at 8 am. Doesn’t make sense.

Thank you

I do the same man, I get up at 5AM to get stuff done before work and the que times are insane.
this is after 2 hours of waiting. If this keeps up I’ll be forced to quit :frowning:

its almost 8am here in Richmond,BC canada and i see this. all i want is to get my daily reward. because i will be gone for work for most of the day. Jeeez man.

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Yeah I play from BC as well and I regret picking NA West.

I started during beta and had no idea that Valtan and Mari would be so packed… I’d switch to another server in a heartbeat if I could take all my stuff with me.

I do the same try to get my lost ark fix/dailies done before work. Such a bummer to see a que

well. idk. ill see if i can go home early just in time for the reward. but idk. it might be worse que later on. i will see what i can do :frowning:

They should just freeze the creation of new characters on Mari, etc. so that true existing players can actually play the game.

Including slowly deleting existing bot accounts.