Re-naming of Classes/Areas/NPCs

I know this is a topic that has been beaten into the ground already and it might be too late for any of these things to be changed, but I would like Class names, World location names, and NPC names to remain consistent through all versions of the game (Using the English translations that are already available).

In my opinion changing these sorts of things only creates unnecessary confusion when trying to find specific information across different regions. I don’t care if a name isn’t perfectly translated, or doesn’t make complete sense for what its representing if and only if keeping that name means it holds consistency across all regions. Lost Ark is a game that has been out for years in others regions and has tons of guides and information already available. I feel like changing names of classes etc. makes it much harder for newer players to find this great wealth of info for reasons that don’t outweigh the cons.

These are just my thoughts on the topic though and I would like to hear everyone else’s opinions to try and get a feel for generally where everyone else’s head is at on this. Thank you if you choose to share!

PS. If changing these sorts of things is no longer possible because of how far along progress is or what not please Amazon people do tell so that there is at least closure on whether or not this is worth fighting for xD


I definitely hear you on missing the ease of having names be universal, but at this point it’s unlikely that they will all be changed at this point because of a number of things such as voiceover, in-game text, and more. For some of these names, they also had to be changed due to different meanings across the globe (like Lutheran being… well, Lutheran, and Hawkeye being owned by a very overbearing mouse).

Regardless, the feedback is appreciated!


I’ll put this here as well in case it’s not seen in other posts.

A few of the places have been voice-recorded with one name, but the text says another.
For instance, the Glorious Wall in dialog boxes is voiced as “Wall of Heroes” by the voice actors. Similarly, “Redfin pirates” are “Finbacks pirates”. It’s just weird to have different names written and voiced.