Re-offer Platinum Skins for Bards

Hi @Roxx ,

would you please be so kind to re-offer the Platinum Skins for Bards? The white/blue ones?

I am looking for a nice typical bard skin, but the current ones offered in white/gold and black/red doesnt flatter the looks of my bard.

Furthermore, the platinum skin is contained of 3 parts which gives more opportunities to combine.

I know this might be a typical women problem, but I would be greatful if you could re-offer the white/blue skin or an equivalent in design which can be dyed. :blush:

Thanks and Cheers

no. platinum skins are limited for people who supported western release at start. if you really want that skin you can snipe it in marketplace.


You can buy it for gold. Now 55k in EUC.

Yeah I saw it, but I dont do pve. Just sometimes. I just remain in game because of the pvp since I tried it. So I dont have so much gold, unfortunately.

I don’t know much about pvp, but the relic bard set looks a lot like the platinum skin.

Yeah I noticed its quite pretty. Its also grey blueish that would suit my bards skin color which is purpleish. :upside_down_face:
But I am in no static and do not wish to bind. So I am stuck here a bit. As I had to do this Valtan thing. I am just at 1430 at the moment with my bard…

You can buy gold via royal crystal exchange and then skin from marketplace. Only downside is you have to wait 3 days before being able to spend bought gold.

This. Like vengon said. You’re wanting a limited edition skin. Be glad there is still a way to get it.

You don’t do pve, Just sometimes. Well then do it more if you really want that skin. You don’t need a skin to pvp.

If that is the case why aren’t you reacting the same way to others who have replied? You know, since you didn’t ask them. You are posting on a public forum. If you wanted only Roxx or Amazon to respond then maybe you should have asked them in private.

None of what I said was ‘trolling’. Neither am I trying to sell you anything but some common knowledge. :slightly_smiling_face:

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