Re-roll to EU Central


I have a couple of questions regarding moving over to EUC. Will I have the chance to hyper express a class? Will I get the x2 free North Vern power passes? Will I get the free pheons that were given at the beginning of the game like I once had on EU West? Would I get the newbie event thing that gives rewards such as battle items/recovery items etc. (Mokoko buff)? I’m only 550+ Hours into the game and I appreciate it may not be the same as some of these 2000+ people but 550 is a lot for me as I work long shifts. If anyone could provide some insight on how their transition went I would be extremely grateful. I want to swipe but i don’t feel like it’s worth swiping on my current region.

Many thanks!

you dont have to change hyper class because you can select from the beginning. you should be get free powerpasses when they fixed. mokoko buff and welcome gift thingy is there too.

Greetings @LeeKetchup & @VoicesSs

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I’m sorry for the issue of trying to transfer to another server, and as @VoicesSs explained , you will start from the beginning so this means you won’t have the items you currently have on the other server and for the power pass they will be available on the server too as well once they are fixed and usable again.

Thank you for all the patience, and please refer to the Officials News Forums for more updates in regards of the Power Pass :

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I rerolled 3 weeks ago.

You get Express, mokoko buff and vern Passes. Not Sure about Punika Pass iif you already used it in EUW.

Pheons however are a big bottleneck for me now. I got like 50 free and the weekly 9 from event. No chance to Gear my now 1385 destroyer.

Also get ready to be starved on gold, because Express gives huge amounts of mats, but almost no gold.


As I said I would be happy to swipe a bit to counteract that. How is the market etc over there? Also, what server did you pick and why?

The Market is wonderful. Full of everything.
Building 5x3 is so much easier here as far as i can see.
Mats prices are really low: 3g guardians, 6g destruction, around 22g great honors.
If you want to swipe, you could push even faster.

I picked Asta because of the big german community. I cannot give you a good advice here.

Ok I guess I’m pretty sold on it now. I just need to find a heavily populated server that predominantly speaks English. Thanks so much for the replies! :slight_smile:

Hi! I rerolled two weeks ago.

My first plan was to buy the punika PP and it would give me 1 free Punika PP and 2 free Vern PP. This way, I could KT 2 alts all the way to 1302 without doing main quests. leaving me with 4 chars 1302 in no time. The thing is, with the PP issue I could not do it. So I started playing manually like the old times (because I saw no point in playing seriously in EUW anymore, just for gold (valtan, argos, some dungeons)) but ill explain later.)

Currently, I have 1 main 1340 and an alt 1050 which I KT and already got the PPs that will be useful once they work again.

It is really easy to lv up your chars with the honing buffs, the event mats and the daily log in mats, the only bottleneck will be the gold as someone state above, which you need for KT and T3 honning.

Now, keep in mind that the Crystalline aura is account wide, which means that your aura will work in the new region, what I did is bought 1 year worth of BC in EUW to spend it in the aura for the future months, the only benefice I have found so far and this is why I keep trying to generate at least some gold in EUW.

To answer your questions:

Currently I feel more than happy with the change, the AH is a lot better and the people playing the content is a lot too, you can even have luck and get some high Ilvl carrying you in low tiers guardians in the matchmaking which would be impossible in EUW.

I also choose WEI because it has the biggest Spanish community.

The worst part is that you are not going to have all the utility chests, pheons, anmethyst, and potions they gave before that would be the things I miss more, as well as the horizontal content.

Had 880 hrs played at the moment of the change. 2 (weeks ago)

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Yeah I just realised the power pass isn’t working so my plan of action as of now is to speed run a deathblade (alt) to north vern skipping all of the skippable large islands then once level 50 KT two more characters. Then I’ll progress a main scrapper up to t3 then hyper express him. But time will tell if I can really push through it. Currently spamming the G button now as we speak! :smiley:

GL Buddy. See you in partyfinder and mm soon.

Let’s hope powerpasses are reenabled soon, because vern passes are also not working as we speak.

I started an alt as soon as i reached vern on Main and kt him with my first 600g. He has reached punika today.

Should be easier for you If you spend some RC on gold

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Great! keep it up :slight_smile: Also forgot to mention that if you want to skip the awakening quest, the first KT or vern pass, auto-completes the 1st awakening quest, and the Punika pass also does it for the second one. I am just waiting for the pass to get the second awakening because it is a huge no for me to repeat that quest. also, passes complate some roster quests, you won’t get the item rewards but you will get the skill points and stats.

Happy griding!

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God I hope they get their act together and fix the pass then! Cos yeah there’s no way you’re gonna see me invest the time to do that 2nd awakening quest chain! Doing 1-50 is bad enough! If I buy the punika powerpass from game shop (when it works) can I use it instantly without having completed punika yet?

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Yep, as long as I have investigated you can, that was my first intention to end up with 4 chars T3 without doing a single main story quest.

Then I’m gonna leave them in vern once im level 50 until they fix the power pass. they can get some rested bonus lol. Im just hoping they fix the power pass soon so I can make use of the hyper express :frowning:

Also that tip regarding the gold to BC to crystalline aura is complete 5head. Well played!

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Nobody can tell you what to do with your money, of course, but let me just say that those of you who are rewarding this incompetence by giving them even more money are absolute suckers.

EUC is 1/3 of the prices from EUW, the offers are about the same. Niche classes are hard to gear, others are cheaper to gear, but super high end gear is almost not existend also on EUC.

Queues pop at the same times they pop on EUW, there is no difference. Guilds are looking for folks on both regions, no difference just that EUW has more casual guilds going while EUC is a bit toxic and nerdy.

Premade Party tool is full of bots, gold sellers and busses - kind of annoying if you want a run with nice folks, but ya thats the way it is.

T1-T2 content which is server only, is hard to do on an empty realm, so dont join one. There are about 3-4 healthy realms on EUC, make sure to pick one.

EUW has 3 healthy realms as far I can tell, so again, not a big difference but the annoying bots and gold sellers are very rare.

Good Luck!

No, they’re not “the same”. EUC has an economy that’s 10 to 15 times bigger and proof has been posted over and over, same goes for the party finder at any hour of the day.

You keep commenting this in every thread, I don’t think you’re trolling because it isn’t particularly funny so at this point it has to be some kind of mental illness.