Re-send my founder items

Now that character lock is a thing I would like to ask for my founder items to be transferred to another server.

I know you can’t transfer characters since that is not a feature you currently have, but I am sure you have the tools to remove items from one character and send them to another.

I want to play with my friends, I already wasted hours on that game I will never get back, could you at least give me back some value I would lose otherwise?

Kind regards


Hi traveler!!

@ferlin !! Hope your doing good and welcome to the Lost Ark forums!!

We understand that the character lock is inconvenience, and apologize for the any issue that could generate.

Sorry to inform that once the Founder Pack is claim there’s no option to change it, transfer to other character, server neither.

For that information check the instruction on our page, use the link below.

Wish you the best and enjoy Lost Ark!!

Under normal circumstances I would understand that, but this is not something players had any control / knowledge over.

It wasn’t our decision to close the servers for F2P players, it was YOUR decision.

Do you really believe it is ok to show literal middle finger to people that decided to support your game since day 1?

To either steal over 100$ from some of us or to make us unable to play with our friends over decisions Lost Ark team made?


If you are reading this post, it means you have been scammed by based Amazon Games once again after the new world fiasco

You are now blessed with the choice of either forsaking the 100 euros of stuff you paid for or playing with your friends! rejoice!

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Amazon listened