Real Gamers don't buy Gold

Let’s be honest here for a second and and put cynicism aside:

Blame yourself for the current situation. It does not matter if you bought 10.000 or 1mill. Your are part of the problem. This game is like a big social experiment and it’s perfectly mirroring real world issues about wealth, integrity, envy and greed.

Real Gamers don’t buy Gold (not even from AGS)


Real old school gamer stoped existing about 7 years ago mostly.

Now it’s all 2010 “newgenplayers” loving mobile phone game, and paying for stuff, Hours invested mean nothing now, casuals are happy, they ruined everything, videogames editors are happy too they make even more money selling “played time” to casuals with not enought time to realy invest themself … at the loss of “real gamers” enjoyement Sad



Ok, but maybe next time put the cynicism actually aside.

True and real, a lot of ppl hate p2w in video games because it reminds em that real life itself is p2w. Many ppl play video games as an entertainment, and escapism and fantasy are parts of the entertainment. When they see ppl who swipe for better gear and stuff, it pretty much breaks the immersion or illusion that u are playing a video game


Yeah you are right; didn’t last long that long. :smiley:

The casuals aren’t the problem, the problem is that the amount of opportunities to have fun in your life close in on 0 the older you get and the more time passes by, because of having to deal with real world shit and surviving after a generation of failed parenting and dogshit cultural trends have turned lifestyles upside down.

I’d rather pay for convenience if I’m able to than spend 10 hours a day working towards a goal in a video game, and taking away from my chances at spending the same amount of time on something that’s actually worth something, a skill, or a thing that will make me money, and this sentiment is overwhelmingly more apparent, even when you do escapism, because unless you get sheltered by your parents for your entire life, you will need to make money sooner or later.

If you genuinely do enjoy playing games though, you can count it as a hobby, but even then you need to make space for it in your life, and I doubt you can do it for 10 hours every day unless you’re already set, in which case you don’t really get to criticize casuals that aren’t able to do the same. I mean you can but it just kinda makes you look like a cringy gamer andy


That’s like saying real workers don’t eat out cause it costs too much.

That’s something they have to tell themselves because they are just poor. Similar to the, my whole life changed when I had kids… yeah huge surprise there.

There are plenty of real gamers who have plenty of hours into games they spend on. They don’t do it cause they need to, they do it cause spending real money saves real time. That’s not a SG thing

yeah sure… mr old school. Its like you never play lineage, just like theyre no pay to win in that old games right?. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: even diablo 2 an ARPG got goldsellers everywhere.

This newgen noobs trying to rewritte the history.

Spending money to progres faster is cheat like old game we use cheat cod or gameshark cd on ps1,2
Nothing change in time only cheat method change, ppl want cheat and no1 cant deny it.

They do it because they feel insecure when 12yo kid is better than them in video games because he plays 10h a day. I fully accepted that im never beat some teenagers with loads of time in skill based games like Dota or Counter Strike, but games like LoA give you an option to feel “better” than them, after all you can spend 2k $ to get better Ilvl at them, get the MVP screen and tell yourself “you still got it” and many people use it.


Projecting much? It’s like assuming the guy with a big truck has small junk because you’re too poor to afford those kind of things even if you don’t want them.

People have their own reasons for spending money. Don’t get brainwashed into this skill crap. No one cares about your skill that’s not in group, so like tops 7 other people who only care when they are with you. Anyone who does have skill lets it take care of them, some people have the option to have that be wealth or a combination of the two. No need to be jealous, it is what it is


These guys old school but don’t remember things like the Arcade. That place where you go with your friends to Pay-to-Play? It was before the internet I expect it will be tough for some of the kids to picture


Real Gamers do everything to play and get an edge over everyone else…


i swear these people would pay for tldr; of movies too so they dont have to watch the thing to get to the end of it.

games should be treated like movies and shows. some games are for short bursts of fun, some games are for the long run.
When people start demanding they should be able to play long run games by being able to pay up to skip parts of it to catch up, thats where only the company behind the game wins and its sad to see this mindset hardened into so many lost souls.

This is the reason why games these days are designed around the grindfest more often than not - implement a problem and offer the solution. really sad that this shit works on so many.

well i hope you are happy that your mindset is keeping this predatory business alive and it wont go away, because nobody would want to take away your privilage of convenience, right?

Idk 32 yrs old, worked officialy for about 48H in my life, got my own appartment, started from the street but never “worked” for paying jobs, you are not forced to submit to the path of capitalist slavery.

You just can’t see both sides my guy.

You make the assumption that movies or shows mean the same thing to us. That money and time hold the same value. That honor and wealth mean the same thing to us too.

They don’t, and it isn’t just that way for the two of us. You can hate capitalism all you want, there are some shitty side affects from it… but at the end of the day, no one cares that you feel that way. They would if you were wealthy or more important.

That’s not fair and I don’t like itZ. Same thing goes for me, no one cares. The reason most people cave to a system they don’t agree with is because one thing is certain; poor people make none of the decisions and consistently get screwed over. Don’t blame people for wanting to escape that by whatever means necessary

Hit too close to home and you felt personaly attacked? Too bad.

Your concept is nothing new, and even though I am very much against any RMTing in games and understand your point of view, this mechanic never worked out in any game with longtime character progression I know of. Never. Because It implies some sort of “moderate spending” on the buyers site. AGS even regulated the sum you can spend on the shop, but obviously that didn’t work out so well. Now the legit player base is sitting in massive queues because a wave of bots is marching to serve their black market customers and the 10h/day guys (some sort of “working poors”) can not participate on the markets because of gold inflation too. This game uttlery broke by his very own playerbase. The easy way is to blame AGS for not preventing or not reacting fast enough to act like a government that is regulating his little MMO-state. Players are even demanding some sort of executive authorities in form of Gamemasters to go on patrol. This sounds ridicolous but it’s sadly true. I have no solution for it either, but your approach is not working and has never really worked before. Real life money has no place in a game’s economy. It does not work. Or at least not in a good way for its players.

Buying Gold is like doing summons on Darks Souls bosses.

fuck are you talking about. we are discussing standpoints here, so obviously you and me both care about what others say (unless youre a dick and are just here to tell everyone that you only care about your own opinion).

how do you twist my post to be against poor people being screwed over by capitalism? you’re barking up the wrong tree lol.
theres two types of games that exist in our world at the moment. games made from passion and games made for monetary gain. i personally usually stick to games that are made from passion. they tend to not have all this dumbass pay2skip crap in it. you either play them or you dont. take v rising for instance. you buy that thing once and at best you can pay up for some additional cosmetics and youre done. you either play the game and beat it or you dont play and wont see the end of the game.

some people here, on the other hand, are like lapdogs for these big corps these days and praise the terrible monetization scheme up and down while being manipulated to think this stuff is all “to have fun”.

this whole concept of spending money to gain an advantage is like saying you like to bike in the mountains and then send out an uber to snap some pics off the mountaintop for you to brag, because - “damn bro your free time was limited and you couldnt fit it into your schedule”, but wanted to “do it” anyways. its a pair of rose painted glasses, nothing more. if you want to have a hobby, take the time for said hobby. if you cant afford the time, maybe its time to look for another hobby? i dont mean give up gaming, but theres plenty of good games that are less timeconsuming than a korean mmo for instance

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