Real Problem About Super Express is we are loosing T3 content

I see a lot of people blaming others that they don’t know how to read a patchnote, but tell me : Where is it said that you have to use your daily Aura or Guardian to complete the missions and obtain the chests ?

I personnally choose to take it on my main cause i didn’t want to make an other caracter (already have my 6 roster) and for me the real probleme is that now i have to loose 5 days of T3 content in order to obtain all the chests and it’s unacceptable from Amazon, nobody could see it, they never spoke about this.

So now i don’t care about the Materials, I just don’t want to loose T3 content, cause that is a big issue.


Not gonna lie but if you want to claim T1 + T2 materials on a T3 main with such a reason then I really hope amazon doesnt reset it cause that reason can’t be taken seriously…

What else would you think those missions consist of if not doing “actual” tier content?

I don’t care about mats that what i said, i just want chests, the chest thats give gold, card packs, silver and oh! T3 mat, I knew it was a progression related thing, and i knew i will have to do t1 or 2 content, But why dose this take my Daily Aura and Souls ? This is the real problem here don’t you get it ?


Because it was meant for a newer low tier character. 100% your fault for doing it on your main when they said in every post that it wasn’t meant for tier 3. Especially since all the items you listed are roster bound.


And ? It’s not because its not meant for T3 that you can’t do it at all without burning daily content. Imagine you have all your slot with T3 character, so what ? you have to pay to make it worth ?

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I havent started it yet, cant you start partway through then like at tier 2 for example.

I would say it’s pretty simple since those missions are tailored for a new character or alt (however you wanna put it) and you do this content by default already while pushing the item level.

And while Seals, silver and rapport are account bound anyways, it makes even more sense to use them on an alt, as mentioned in the patch notes.

Kinda an odd opinion to think those missions wouldnt consist of looting guardian souls or chaos dung energy, what else I wonder?

Believe it or not I am absolutely not defending AGS here but it was kinda known what the express was for.

Yeah so If i have all my slot with tier 3 character, and it’s not a lot, a F2P player have 8 slots, then you’r done, you have to pay a slot for not loosing mat

If you are doing guardian raids and chaos dungeons twice each day on 8 characters then you have other problems in my opinion.

Either way 2 entries or 4 for one day will in such a case not kill you if you have 16 attempts a day, just saying…

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except they clearly left out the +1 to honing level and +20% chance buff, that you only get on the express character.

And between us, they could do like the welcome event, this didn’t required to harvest or use aura

while I get your point (and a reason why I’ve waitied for “It doesn’t work as I expected” topics - no offense meant) this is silly argument. There will be plenty of such “events”. Free rides, free power passes, free materials from events…

If you don’t want more alts, same as me, better to simply work on the ability to let it go if you don’t need it. This will repeat until all 24 slots and beyond I would guess.

But you need the chests ! The chests is the only things that you see when you choose the caracter

The big issue I take is that they assume everyone will look at patch notes and their post. Why couldn’t they also mention that these “express missions” are better for lower tier alts at the select screen? Why is it that I am getting penalized for not reading about the patch notes and their posts? It really makes no sense when all of it could have been avoided if they just added an explanation. Even when you preview the rewards it shows T3 materials and no T1 and T2. Super misleading to say the least.

I did same thing i have only t3 characters, and if u dont want to progress with low lvl char these “daily low lvl” task should be insta checked. Second thing if u play game u arent obligated to read path notes game itself should clarify what you get if u do “smth”. And there is : characters avabile for content - only t3 in my roster → revard “chest full of good stuff” what i`m doing - get it. what i get ? mission to kill 1 shoot guardian AND MUST LOOT HIM xd. i dont cry about it its just missleading in my opinion.

And my question is if i do all the great mission i`ll get the chest with t3 stuff from the “intro - encouraging advertising poster ?”


I don’t understand why a char over item lvl 1000 can get it activated i think the bug lays there. Patchnote it was mention for chars with level 50 and under 1000item lvl

Edit account -->char

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F2p whit 8 t3 chars? No fing way

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Well yes it is actually, it’s not that hard to get muliple character after the main hit 1370, that’s just time consuming, but not at all hard

This event is literally for people to boost a low level character. They said it MULTIPLE times in their posts. If you wanna burn your dailies on your T3 because you WANT the extra items, thats on you. Not AGS or SG. They told you exactly who this event is aimed at. Your fault for ignoring it. Thats like going to a children’s playground and complaining everything there is too small for you to play with.

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So why there is this kind of reward at the end ? tell me, cause low level character clearly don’t need this