Real reason why I am mad about the Artist censored skins


West is currently plagued with disconnects and bots. NAW, SA and EUW regions have their issues. Instead of fixing shit, AGS/SG chooses to waste their time with censoring and modifying most of the artist skins or making the black shadowhunter.

Literally all you had to do was nothing and less people would complain.


Priorities I guess…


I mean from my impression they literally have no idea the root cause of the disconnects.

Also, this is likely two different departments within the team, I’m not sure why you want a bunch of art people trying to fix your connection to the server, and vice versa.


I mean in a way you could say this is what they’re doing.


Are you fucking kidding me???

I am done if they censor skins, that’s my biggest pet peeve.


I haven’t seen a single post advocating these censorship changes - its so out of touch with the player base. why not do a poll and say hey wanna change a class but it’ll delay it by 3 months?

Like why not just make the censorship a toggle so players can play how they want? Where is this data that players wanted this change?


Honestly they could just make Artist a giant square box for all I care, just don’t delay a goddamn only 3rd support option for another half a year.


The team that does changes to models and skins is not the same as the team that operates server stability or whatever. its not a single dev team for EVERYTHING. jfc

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You all are forgetting that not only guys play this damn game. Not everything needs to be sexualized. Let people have cute skins for their character, not everyone is going to look up her skirt to see panties…


Why do you need data to show that people aren’t interested in sexualizing children?


The only diffrence between here and KR is Easy anti cheat. Here i give them root of the problem.

If G3 clown is any indication getting panty shot cutscenes is more end game than anything else

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They don’t have a dev team they are the publisher

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the people “sexualizing children” are the ones that are going around saying people are sexualizing children for disliking censorship, I don’t know why people are throwing this shit around. I’m not attracted to women and I hate the censorship because I don’t want the skins to look like complete garbage, does this make me a pedo?

Is all of KR and RU interested in sexualizing children? Just using the same logic idk


I mean Nia on Punika is 12 and you literally feed her Rapport items until she loves you enough to get on your Boat and go sail the world visiting other leaders.

If that isn’t a red flag why the hell is Artist being delayed for 4 months because of leggings?


I think leggings will be in the game still, they just said they don’t like bare skin so they’re adding extra shit. Unless they turn the character into a snowman it will still have the same proportions regardless of clothing

Lol, its cute you think AGS has more than 1 department.

At this point im pretty sure AGS is one dude that lives in Bezo’s basement


Imagine taking resources from the devs just to add pants for Amazon peasants and other snowflakes


shadowhunter is fine stop crying because she doesn’t look like a pale vampire jesus christ

AGS won’t do any polls, nor will they listen to feedback of the community.
They ignored Shadowhunter petition and made changes to the Demon form out of their own accord.

Censorship is the only thing AGS is good at, and frankly, they don’t even handle it right, or is actually good at it.

Like OP said, their priorities are out of order and we’re left with this mess of a game and its server.