[Real Suggestions] How to s0lve BOTS

Make a 1$ Key sold on amazon, that have to be delivered by real life mail to activate an account.

  1. easy to set up amazon already got the delivery infrastructure

  2. Bind one account to one adress in the real life (Can be tolerated to have 2 or 3 delivery for the same familly)

  3. ?.?.?.?

  4. Profit

Sounds US only tbh

Won’t work. 1$ is nothing.

Only way to solve botting is by forcing people to use IDs to play.

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They stated that they cant do that du to some countrys laws

Perma ban rmt is one of the biggest solutions


The real problem isn’t bot, it’s the player who buy gold… they must be baned for several weeks and the golds must be removed.

Another way, would be to make websites of gold seller unreachable… any hackers who want to launch a ddos attack each week ends ? :smiley:


Or just have us use phone verification with our ID. That’s literally it. Surely they can still get around this, but if you drastically bottleneck the bots to be individuals and still manage to punish RMT’ers it’ll basically kill the whole scene and make it very specific whale interaction for the bot farmers. This will fix the issue entirely on a macro level, which is essentially the whole problem being fixed

Just stop making threads every single day crying about bots that give you cheaper materials in the AH. The more you cry the more we loose. It’s already brutal to make any gold in this game. That’s the real reason it’s dying. Cause every time you cry about bots amazon takes away a method real players use to make gold.

The bots have had no impact in my day to day game play. Find a new hobby instead of forum trolling.

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You probably could benefit having a lesson or Two on economy and inflation :wink:

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As I said in another thread - bind our Amazon account with a Microsoft account with a legit Windows key in it - 1 per machine; unique; cannot swap machines; have to pay for it - entry fee for bots; most people already have one; it’s not a big deal to share with AGS; chinese botters will have to get Windows licenses for each account; key goes invalid for AGS when banned, so botter have the buy a new Windows key each time they get caught, etc.

Ezpz. Do a colab with Mircrosoft, some cross-promotions and bots go poof.

That of course should be done, or at least, ban them 3 day BUT put them in the negative too (remove all the gold they buyed + a penality of the same price deducted) a lot will end up at Minus 100K gold, GG well the account is now dead, even worse for them than a ban :slight_smile:

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just keep banning RMT, everything will hurdle like a snowball

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just keep banning RMT, everything will hurdle like a snowball

Well they sayd they dont even alway permaban them for the first offence.


You Don’t hit the hand that Feeds You.


hes refering to something akin to physical token used to activate game… now please tell me is amazon going to send 600k+ tokens onto 1 address? not to mention located in china

sounds good… but too much pain to pull off

There needs to be a far more consistent, effective banning process that reaches all RMT. I don’t mean permaban first time, I mean do the 3 day, 7 day, perma but hit them all. If all or almost all RMTers are hit, then its clear there that buying gold is not smart because you WILL be hit. The problem right now is that so many people are buying gold because they won’t be hit.

For starters with bots, they should have kept the infinite chaos T3 bound to roster. They could also remove the diminishing returns to vastly improve the reward of doing it so it can be the best non-alt activity. Possibly lower the max stock of weekly items so that someone can buyout most of the important things in the store with 5-7 hours of weekly play. Making just this change will fix the economy pricing on most T3 materials.

They need to figure out how to deal with the life skilling and world mat farming bots in a way that doesn’t kill regular players. I know they were trying something like this early on but it hit me…someone who clearly doesn’t bot…and it removed my entire loot list while I was fishing.

limit trading/mail/auction/market to atleast an account with level 40 stronghold -or- a level 100 roster level.
that will surely reduce the amount of bots significantly

I can see what you mean with the suggestion.

Blizzard did that years ago with $5 physical authenticators, I still have mine hanging on a key ring on my desk. Less about combating bots (at least from what I could tell) and more about the astronomical amount of people getting ‘hacked’ by following phishing emails and other such information gathering tactics.

Was optional and now that’s all digital which wouldn’t really be a hindrance to botting.

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I still don’t have a registered windows key on my PC, windows 10 doesn’t require it.

The presence is always there but I hardly even notice it anymore