Reality check for pvpers

TLDR: If you are stuck in this game it’s because you are bad.

Of course, some matches cannot be won because both teammates are terrible players. But you are 1/3 of your team, so it leaves 2 slots for the “monkeys”. At the same time, the enemy has 3 slots for “monkeys”. Overall, your winrate will be higher than 50% if you deserve it.

This is the same low-elo mentality that plagues other games (league of legends) and keeps you from ever improving. So just keep your head up, keep playing and stop making excuses for poor performance.

Thank you.



It’s really not though.

The PvP is actually quite good and balanced but it’s got a pretty high knowledge barrier for entry if you want to be competent for most classes.

The PvP is actually quite good and balanced

The pvp is good indeed, but balanced? Show me the scrappers, deadeyes, sharpshooters or soulfists that carry their games without having 1year of ru/kr experience. if 25% of the classes aint viable you cant call a game balanced. thats a fact.

I mean there are some outliers, but honestly sharpshooter is the only class that’s just kind of straight up bad at the moment.

Just because our region lacks the experience to properly utilize some classes doesn’t mean they aren’t balanced. It’ll come with time, just like all the crying about deathblades, sorcs and artillerists will die out over time.

Actuallyyyyyyyyyyyyy i low-key feel like i like sharpshooters more and more to the point where i prefer their self peel over sorcs

SS isnt tht bad and perfectly viable to climb with, ill be plat soon got a 70% wr on my SS. All classes can reach high mmr, its just inflated with noob stomp classes atm which isnt a problem as you learn more