Really, AGS? Is this your best response?

Umar Skin Collection didn’t get any skins added for some classes like Shadowhunter for example. So we get shafted with only 1 skin released this update which is a general skin (which I do like and will get whenever it gets listed on the AH).

This is beyond laughable at this point.

Yes, yes, player feedback…please

It’s pretty convenient to throw the “community” under the bus for these skin decisions that last few weeks lmao


This is a bogus justification for maintaining the current pace and problem. Finger-wagging at the community when the root issue is still not resolved. We don’t want 2019 events with 2019 KR cosmetic pacing, undyeable throwaways that are only purchased because they’re the only available option.

The current practice of (partial) releasing seasonal content in the order it arrived in KR is going to keep us perpetually 3 years behind on everything that isn’t a legion raid or main story.

Between this and the “no path forward” on legendary skins, it reads as though you guys are looking to the community to make excuses for the slow pace on cosmetics.

Seriously, how do we go from Naruni racing to this? From being days away from Legendary skins to getting more old and incomplete sets instead? Who is making these decisions, and can you tell them to stop?


Think most peoples’ problem with it is that your response explains there has been a change with skin releases (no longer wait for skin sets to be available for every class) due to player feedback.

But it doesn’t mention anything about the overwhelming player feedback asking for swimsuit skins, which would have been available for every class.

Seems like your post is sort of blaming players that umar skins were released with missing classes because we asked for it. But just ignores that a large majority of player feedback has been asking for swimsuit skins for months now and we still don’t even have an ETA for them.


Why not just be forthcoming and put something in the patch notes that “X, Y and Z” are excluded for upcoming skin releases.

It’s bogus that there is an element of “surprise” (in a bad way) when you guys choose skin sets that leave out some classes.

You could avoid half the flack you guys get for these types of decisions. :person_shrugging:


The quoted post was made directly in response to a player asking specifically about the Umar skins; swimsuit skins were not mentioned because they were not at all a part of the thread that I was responding to.

I have passed on feedback about other skins players would like to see including the summer skins, but it is correct that I do not currently have insight on what future skin releases might be.


You should probably pin that at the top of the forums, people aren’t quite understanding it.

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I wonder what the game would look like without “passing the feedback”

The skins coming out in the June Update were included directly in the Store Update section of the June Team Update, which was the first piece of news we were able to share after experiencing delays: June Team Update - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

Yeah this was purely bad communication, we did ask for skin lines even if newer classes or classes that released after them didnt get them, but the fact is the patch notes did not say so, which creatted expectations based on past skin releases like Omen or the skins from last month.


Thank you for the clarification. I understand that’s all you can do and appreciate passing on the feedback.

I’m sorry that so many on the forums think you are the one deciding which skin sets gets released and giving you a hard time for something you have no control over.

I think summer skins should of been released this month instead of the umar skins. But that’s just my opinion.


You guys know the main problem here ? We have a publisher that I am sure if a couple of them are playing didn’t even have the item level for Argos . No one of the management ever played this game. It’s just like a factory and to be honest ASG got many chances to fix the things but start to be late so I don’t care anymore I am not reading anymore this wall of texts explaining situations nobody cares tbh

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I think the sooner people realize that this isn’t the KR version and at least 50% of the Korean skins will NEVER make it over to the International version, the sooner people can enjoy the game (or not) for what THIS version is.

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So it was planned to release skins every 3 months or something?

Unless I’m blind, nothing in this mentions anything about what classes are being excluded from the latest skin releases…which was my main point…

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Well, the swimsuit feed back is a separate thing.

The whole argument here is that a skin is missing from the package and there was no clarification about it. Assume that AGS had no idea about this, does that make the situation better or worse? Assume that AGS was aware of this, why did they not let us know? Every outcome seems bad because there was no prior interaction. It’s so bad… Imagine a chef who doesn’t know what’s in his food but serves it anyway…

Also, I didn’t get any response for the question above. I guess I’ll accept what that means.


The skin isn’t missing it was never created for the package. I agree no clarification before it’s release isn’t a good look and the most likely explanation is AGS didn’t know this skin set didn’t cover all the classes. They have a guy representing the game that thought a mage assassin was a playable class, so not knowing that a skin set doesn’t include every class seems probable.

IMO, it probably makes the situation a bit better but obviously still not good. Withholding info you don’t know and should vs withholding info you do know, the latter is worse to me.

edit: IMO the lack of summer skins that would have been available for every class is a much bigger deal than releasing umar skin sets without telling us beforehand it won’t be available for every class.

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This is one of the biggest issues that seems to constantly occur whenever an update drops.

There’s an unintended (or maybe intended…I dunno) assumption that players will just go out and look up details themselves when content, skins, etc drops.

But given that this butchered version of Lost Ark that our region has, how the heck can anyone be expected to “assume” that what they find through searching themselves is what will ACTUALLY end up in our game?

There’s more track record of it being mostly pointless to go out and look up events, skin sets, and heck even core aspects of the game in other regions and use them as a template for what we will end up with.

This is becoming comical to watch unfold tbh


Yup, the chef is Amazon and the waiters are SG. Waiters just serve.

At this point I am impressed seeing how far this game has come from the hand of these people

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