Really BAD Bad RNG

So i have spent multiple days now not being able to get from 1100 to 1302 so i can actually get t3 gear. This is super super (bad word) i mean how is it you make it so if for example the blue gloves never drop you are just shafted for eternity? Am i missing ways to get the items besides chaos? Am i just done with this toon simply because the items i need are not dropping?

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You arent missing anything, keep going until the full set drop

Feels so bad spending multiple days trying to get these but if i run something that drops t2 or t1 i get like 8 sets of gear on one run?

Another thread complaining about RNG.

This entire game is RNG.

Yeah, but this is pointless rng. Just give people a 1302 chest on completing punika or make the armor tradeable on the auction house.