Really great Hot Time Christmas Gifts


the new Hot time showed up and its really as good as @Roxx promised in another Thread.

I´m so surprised by it, I´m crying and can´t hold my feelings anymore.

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glad you enjoyed it, will forward it to the team :+1:


I was hoping it was actually good but it was just a meme again

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As was mentioned, yes we will get some cool reward :rofl: :rofl:
What will be the fun gift for anniversary? Some extra small mokoko transform toolkit? :rofl:

It’s a joke, i have never seen as low budget christmas gift as here. :rofl:

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Yeah I’m so happy to not be KR player right now, we got food+battle item x1 and they got pheons, skins, mounts, new cosmetics, etc. I mean we are so damn lucky. Doesn’t seem like SG just want to use western people to grab cash as 2 citizens players!


Is it Vitameow? Oh god I hope it’s Vitameow!


6 weeks of disconnects? False bans? Enjoy your sage powder and the skin you already have two of. Merry Christmas.


Gotta keep those pet slaves running on that treadmil vitameows best gift to get who needs cards or pheons when we have forced pet labor


Heya, there is a fever time event going on right now but there will be an additional player gift for the end of the year that I think players will enjoy.

gift? not even plural.

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only gift i want is for artist to be on the roadmap in feb :c

singular cus its all in one package

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A single pheon


I can’t wait for you guys to take away whatever you gift the day after, just like last time.


That will be few honing mats enough for 2~3 taps give or take. Phoenix plume and vitameow, perhaps 500k silver.

Part of her job is to set expectations and she is been doing that lately. From “different” cadence to “lighter” to no witcher skins on Artist.

I guess copium is extremely high for Ayaya enjoyers. I can’t wait for Artist myself, but I can also read between the lines of what CM is doing.

It is clear for the past 2 updates that we are getting big patches every 3 months, and with her announcing a 4th, meaning they’re pushing the big update on April, so it will be Brel hard and Artist together on April. At least that’s where my expectations are at.

Yeah can’t wait for the mokoko emotes which were supposed to be a given be slated as a christmass present.

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Artist is coming with the Anniversary in Feb, i can’t mentally grasp how people still deny that.

We’ll be getting new mokoko emotes as we hit the 1250 gatherable mokoko seeds. No clue what other emotes people here are expecting.

Witcher skins will not be available for Artist. So explain to me how Artist is getting released in Feb?

I hope the present will be the removal of the pheon cost for in-roster trading :exploding_head:


This time they’re going to want a ROI on whatever gift they’re loaning us. Christmas gift of 100 pheons at a low low 50% interest rate!

this is 100% troll, right?

Did AGS actually know this fever time was going on today? As normally you’d expect something to be said BEFORE it starts not literally at the end of day 1.
EU has known about this fever time for the last 12+ hours when it appeared in game.
Does AGS and SGR not talk anymore?

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