Really loving the 1 class every 2 months release gameplan!

I gotta say, speculating the next class and having to wait 2 months in between each release really does brighten my LA experience. When I think about how Arcana is releasing next against the popular opinion of crybabies who would rather have Scouter or Reaper, it really does bring a smile to my face.

The future AGS has in store for us is truly exciting. Assuming Arcana does release in July, I assume we should expect new class drops in September, November, January, and March. For my Summoner mains, you could potentially play your class 1 year after game release, despite existing already in beta. How cool is that?!

Now bear with me for a bit, but what does everyone think of a 1 class per year release schedule? This would be great for player retention, and essentially guarantees LA longevity by half a decade, and this is not including unreleased classes in KR. This gives plenty of time for AGS to prepare and the player base will have no reason to complain about releasing incomplete shoddy content despite the game having been released 4x already.

I am here to thank the bright minds up top for this ingenious roadmap. Thank you all for what you do.


Aight aight

I really wanna make a Summoner buuuuut that also means I’ll need to play another character and… I need a life =(

Where do you see whining brudder

KR continues to get class releases, we don’t need 1 every year, we just need to slow it down so we get them slower than KR does currently, that way we’ll always have engaging and exciting new ‘content’ to look forwards to!

AGS probably trying to milk Lost Ark long enough, to pay for their wreckage New World and servers.

I don’t like it, but spacing out class releases appears to be the ‘textbook’ way to handle MMOs.

Most games will release new classes like once a year at most, and I’m sure in the majority of cases that brings in new / returning players. Smilegate’s internal data will show that also.

The difference with this game is … they aren’t releasing truly NEW classes. The companies are artificially pretending to release new classes.

It happens in the other regions also, but they had less of a gap to make up since the servers were open longer. Artist was in Korean version January, but Japan’s just getting it June. The powers that be aren’t pushing for a unified game version, they seem fine with drip feeding all markets.

i can only speak for myself but the drip feeding of classes along with all the other issues ags/sg are having are driving me away quickly. when i leave i wont be coming back. i dont know how many others feel the same as me but i doubt im alone.


You played Ripper. Or scooter. You know how it feels. I thought Destroyer was the character I wanted to play and in the end did not do it for me.

I personally want classes to come out faster too. Especially since I’m looking forward to Aeromancer, and she’s even more likely to come out after a year vs classes like scouter, reaper, or summoner.

That said, I also see the ‘benefits’ of staggered releases. Classes are not content, and having more options is only a good thing. However, power passes and express events are content that usually accompanies new class releases.
Let’s say they release the rest of the classes with 1-2 powerpass and a hyper express mission… there won’t be any more until the next new class comes out. That could be a 6+ month wait. Still, many players may prefer this, because they don’t plan to play long term or they want instant gratification. If AGS/SG is timing the current cadence to have all classes out by the time we nearly catch up to KR updates, that isn’t too bad, in my opinion.

This is pretty much me too. Though, I don’t see current class cadence as something unreasonable enough to drive me away. Closest thing to doing that is probably RMT and bots, but even that doesn’t directly negatively affect me too much.

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On the other side of things, new MMOs or games comes out that replaces Lost Ark xD.

Imo, maybe 1/4 or 1/2 of all current players are really just playing it to “fill the void”. Once another interesting/popular game comes along, LA prob won’t see any of them coming back.

Personally, I am waiting for Blue Protocol :>