Really need help

I am from israel and Middle East isn’t on of the countries that can play, I ask the support if my friend from
USA can buy me founder’s package and give me steam code I can play, but in the same time some one from support said you can’t,
I mean we play in EU server any way, I just want to know if someone know if I could play.
Thanks for help :pray:

If your friend makes a new Steam account, buys Lost Ark on it and gives you the login details then you can play. Possibly with a VPN, we don’t know about that yet.

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unfortunately customer support is right. if your country isn’t listed and someone send you a steam code for the game that won’t help.

that’s correct! you’ll need a VPN in order to see a game that isn’t available for you. also changing the country through steam when you’re buying anything helps as well. but you’ll need someone from (x country name) to do it for you otherwise it won’t work if you do it manually.

But I get code to steam when I buy from Amazon

even then. your country isn’t listed therefore the code is useless to you. the game is on Steam that’s why you get a code to steam when you purchase from amazon. unless you use VPN or have your friend create a steam account for you + buy the founder pack on it for you and give it to you. or you can also have him change the country location on your steam account for you that way also works.