Hi @Roxx
As your last news we get Valtan in 2 weeks so there are several question I wish to ask and deeply want to give answer.
As far as we know in other regions relic sets can upgraded to +25 but in our version max cap is +20, and generally from +20 to +25 is P2W enchant because until Brelshaza Hard mode you dont need to be 1575ilvl as +25, so its not necessary at all. so if u clarify that we get new max cap in Enchant or not it is very good.
the 2nd question is about relic sets. As a player who played in both regions there is 3 relic sets that released with Brelshaza normal in other regions, so i want to know do we get those sets with Valtan or same as other regions we will get it with Brelshaza.
ill appreciate it, if u answer to these 2 questions

Our cap is +20 because that’s as far as Legendary gear goes while Relic goes to +25, if I’m not mistaken.

In ru and kr even argos set can goes to 25. it doesnt matter it is legendary or relic