Really Small Issue (Stronghold BGM Vocal Tracks not working)

As the title says, all of the other Stronghold BGM tracks I’ve tried work, but specifically the ones that I have that are not working are the vocal tracks “Song of Sunset” and “Do You Remember?” respectively.


Hey there @Rinzy!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game files already? If not, please do so. Let me know if that works.

I’ll definitely try that, just thought it was strange that only two of the like ten BGM tracks I have didn’t work. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Just wanted to follow up, verified the integrity of the files, still absolutely zero audio for the two songs mentioned previously.

they work here.

The only time they stopped working when I played other song from not background and stopped. Then nothing played. But reseting the BGM music to the default SH music and back to Sunset made it ok again. And now it plays for all my characters.

Yeah I don’t know what it is, I straight up cannot get it to work for me lol. Tried what you said as well.

if you have a friend, you may try if you hear his while he can hear it. And vice versa.

I’ll have to see if one of em have it.

might be a VO pack problem?

Moving this to the bug report section for proper visibility. Thanks for all your reports, Appreciate y’all!


Came here to see if anyone had reported it as well. Thanks for the update. I’ll be patient :slight_smile:

Having the same issue–Song of Sunset doesn’t work at all this patch, but it used to work a couple patches ago if not last patch :frowning:

Hey @Ayryin. Have you tried verifying the game files?

@OminousOnion Hello! Sorry for the late response–just tried it and it doesn’t work. When I try playing Stronghold BGM > Vocal > “Song of Sunset” it resets back to default stronghold music.

However Stronghold BGM > Area Theme > “Prideholme” for example works fine.

Please forward this to the team I’m sure it’s an issue with the Korean VO pack like how it was when the Jukebox first came out in NA. They said they fixed a Korean VO bug and then it had been working for a while but then a patch or two ago it stopped working.

Thank you!! :blush:

I’ll forward this over to the team for you!

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since the previous patch: not working anymore.

seems to be a localized prob btw, english music was playing, korean is not.

verifying didn’t help.

Thank you for letting me know. This seems to be a problem with the Korean pack. The team is investigating it.

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Just an update–still an issue on the latest patch.

Hoping this can be resolved soon. Thank you! :pray:

IGN: Ayryin
Server: Bergstrom (NA West)

Thank you for providing this update!

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It works now in the latest patch! :raised_hands: