Really worried if Amazon is ruining the game

Amazon is nerfing stuff due to 10% clearance rate for dungeons. You guys should consider that those clearance comes from random match making players who doesn’t care shit about the mechanics and don’t even use any single battle items. Is Lost Ark a mobile game which players just play the game without using any of their brain cell?

I have played in Korean server, and a lot of users criticized people not using their battle items (Flares, Grenades, etc).
For whole 2 weeks of experience in NA Lost Ark, whenever I make random match makings, I have never seen any single players use their battle items. Those items are necessary for your convenience to clear the raids. I fucking hate those mind set that those users want you to carry the game. Really sick of using flares every single time when I enter the raid.

How the fuck these whiners are going to clear when harder raids are coming out in Tier 3 or in the future? Is Amazon going to nerf the raids again for those whiners who are going to quit the game soon?

I really can’t believe they are making these updates. Why don’t you guys take care of fixing bugs or servers and many other things for helping players to play the game smoothly.