Realms / Channels for each language for many reasons

I currently play on the Neria server and I am really loving this game.
Unfortunally from day one I have reported and blocked many players (the block limit is 100 names) for various reasons: racism against other nationalities, players who swear or write obscenities, players who spam twitch links and so on.

First suggestion: since in this realm English language is not used, even if it is clearly written in the chat tab (EN) I would suggest to create channels for each language (EN, SP, ITA, FR, CH and so on).
Second suggestion: Please ban players who are being reported as soon as possible. I even reported a player for jokes about pedophilia. Create special filters to censor the most common vulgarities for each type of language.


P.s. obviously I will read a lot of sterile comments, like: “Don’t read the chat” or “Hide the chat” or “Don’t care about these people”.
Chat is used ESPECIALLY for players that want to communicate with other players or ask questions about the game or for searching group, like as in any game.
I used chat many times, especially to ask some questions about the game.
So…all players MUST read the chat but we certainly don’t have to read the immaturity and vulgarity of many players.