Realtalk About EUW VS EUC


could we please get an Official Information how Amazon/Smilegate will handle the dying that EUW currently has? Everytime u try to find a Party over Party finder u will be shocked that u wont find that much groups from t1 to t3 endgame … its about 1-10 group … sometimes there are even none. When you ask the Support about if they at least can refund items that are limited on EUW so that u can change back to EUC … they say they can’t.

Amazon/Smilegate need to make a option to merge rly fast … everytime on chat u read “hehe stop play its dying here” this will make more and more People quit

Actually more people are in t3 now, i waited only like 5 min to find some abyssal party, but guardians are pretty instant. But id like to know about future too, most people was forced to move here because of que. They probably going to tell you to go back and start again from 0.

I personally think they should merge EUW and EUC. Now that player count is lower and there are no queues anymore it would be feasable and then EUW won’t turn in a wasteland.


It was pretty obvious that EUW will be the first region with problems when players start quitting and that’s also one of the reasons why so many people didn’t want to move there.

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Also very true, the reason I personally didn’t bother swapping. Still a merge might not be a bad idea in the long run

They can’t merge regions. They can’t even do transfers between servers within a single region.

Korea is working on the second, but not the first as there is no reason for them to be doing that.

True but “merge” could also be to offer EUW players to verify their character on the site. There they can “claim” a ticket in game that boosts them to said ilvl. They won’t have all the stuff they had but at least the ilvl or something.

The ticket claiming on site/ingame should be possible since it’s a thing in KR with coupons.

As already said in this Topic and many others, there won’t be any free boosts except for special events. They can’t just merge servers either. It’s simply not possible. Lots of people were asking for boosts and other stuff as well when trying to move from EUC to EUW because of the queues. Some still started over, some didn’t.

They won’t do that. Don’t even try to convince yourself otherwise. They won’t even offer a second round of compensation. I doubt they’ll even address the issue when it actually becomes a dire one.

“EUW swap event”
Every EUW player can verify their ilvl on site and can receive a ticket of that tier on EUC.
It is possible since it’s a thing on KR.

Again it’s not for me, I don’t play on EUW. But if EUW would actually be very dead then it would be for the better of the game.

It will never happen.

The the hopium and start with copium. None of this will EVER happen

Only thing we can do as a community is be vocal about it and help the EUW players. Instead of saying “oh but no they wont so meh”

It has no impact on me, but I’d feel bad for ppl that put hours into it there to end up playing alone. And ppl like you 2 saying “its no problem for me so they shouldn’t do it” are not helping

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yea im glad i didnt got tempted and stayed on EUC - maybe there is an option to merge sometime soon.

Yea I mean I feel bad for them, but that’s not my fault. It’s on AGS, and AGS clearly doesn’t care about making sound decisions.

I’m just tired of their bullshit. They don’t respect the feedback they get, it takes a fullblown riot to get them to pay any sort of attention, it’s ALWAYS because they fuck up and leak shit and get caught out looking nasty, NEVER is it in good faith, and their ultimate response is always a half measure or less, or just completely off base entirely.

So for me to tell you, “oh yea it’s totally possible that AGS is going to make smilegate invest time, money, and resources to create a way to somehow merge accounts that aren’t even on the same hardware, solely to fix a mistake AGS made, that would only benefit the AGS version, and would only benefit a small fraction of players, all when smilegate can’t even do in region server transfers yet.”

Buddy that would be a stonefaced lie. I’m not here to lie, I’m here to tell the uncomfortable truth.


Roxx said multiple times that out game can’t implement boosts like that, therefore why west didn’T get a boost to start out with. Roxx also said that there can be only 2 boosts and that requires you to complete the said story with that character.

But since I’m a time traveller I know the answer: They will say: Move to EUC if you don’t want to play on the other server because of reasons. Just as they didn’t solve the Q-s but rather offered a new region.

Yup all i’m saying is that it is a thing in KR. So it would be possible to implement in our version if it would get really bad for our EUW players. Obviously it isn’t in the game now otherwise they would’ve used it already for the EUW introduction.

And the coupon system should come to our version, because for certain events it’s needed.

It’s not a thing. It’s a paid feature. You pay like 80 dollars to get a boost into t3.

I’m sure that’ll go over well with people fucked by AGS mismanagement. I’m SURE they’d give away something valued that highly for free to hundreds of players.


Plenty of events where u can claim it for free with the coupon system.

I’m not saying they will, I’m saying they COULD

Since they are the ones who messed up. It would be only logical that they are the ones that take responsibility.