Reaper and the "Special Event Mission"

I understand we probably wont get an exact date till next month on reaper’s release. But is there anyway for us to confirm whether it will happened before the Special event ends, or will it for sure not make it within the time frame.

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Reaper will most likely be on the 26th.
Next week, the 19th, would be too soon, as there is no trailer or anything about Reaper yet. Of course it could just be another case of AGs using Internet Explorer to post teasers. But otherwise it will be the 26th, the last wednesday of this month.

Reaper’s not releasing this month.

Anyway, the character almost certainly won’t be available until after the event ends (Nov 16th). Generally scheduled events like these are set to end on the same day as a major content release, and the only major content planned for November is Reaper.

Prob Nov 23rd would be my guess, its not releasing in October

Someone didn’t read the roadmap

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