Reaper cosmetics

Hi there, I’m a returning player and I know reaper comes out in a few days I’m curious if I were to buy cosmetics through the store now, and keep it in my product inventory(store inventory? I’m not sure) could I make and claim the items on reaper, or will it not work like that?

Sorry if this question is asked a lot or is dumb, only returning after a long break.

as long as the costume has assassin tag on it and bound to roster you should be able to use it
the body model is the same, not sure about weapon skins tho, i think you cant use those

No, we’re boycotting the game now.

Thanks! so if I purchase on blade and don’t claim it on her, when I make my reaper on thursday I should be able to claim there?

Yes, that’s correct but I’d suggest checking the cosmetics in detail first to confirm that it’s for “Assassin” and not “DeathBlade”.

Thank you for clarifying I was remembering some odd things happening during back when lancemaster launched here with cosmetics and just wanted to be sure I wasn’t doing something silly by mistake, I appreciate the responses :heart:

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