Reaper nightmare second cast damage and identity gauge gain

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What discussion? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not sure if reaper’s nightmare is working as intended or bug.

I checked it in Trixxion now, you get a small aoe strike (probably 3m radius) after you do the 2nd activation which isn’t there if you pick “Hide Shadow” instead of Back attack. :man_shrugging:

Ya the question is the small aoe strike is suppose to be where reaper lands or at the point before casting the skill for the second time ?

Because I found out there are times where no damage is register and no identity gauge gain if I’m far from the target.

Question: the 3m radius aoe should apply on the destination or at the original point of second time skill casting before the teleportation?

What is the reason of no damage register and no identity gauge gain after second activation ?

Question: will the “3m radius aoe” hit regardless of my distance with the target ?

does this happen to you in real fights or only in trixion?
because trixion is currently bugged, for example try equipping the skill “spinning dagger” use it, then level it up and select a tripod on it and use it again

because i have been playing reaper daily since release and i have never not gotten the strike after teleporting to the boss or not gotten gauge from it

I see, this might be the reason. I did not pay attention in real fights. Will do.

Initially I test in trixion to have a peace of mind that after certain skill my persona meter will be full and I’ll have guaranteed lunar activation without looking at the bar.

But just to found out after the exact same sequence of skill (nightmare, shadow vortex, distortion, shadow trap), sometimes the meter is full sometimes not.

And found out the inconsistency came from nightmare second activation.

idk about your spec value but with proper runes you shouldnt need the 2nd strike for full gauge from 0

alright nvm i just tried and you need about 1780 spec to not need the 2nd hit for instant full gauge

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Yea currently have 1710 spec. Still need the second strike in the rotation (nightmare, distortion, shadow vortex, shadow trap). But correct me if I’m wrong, with purple wealth, one gold, and one blue, it might be achievable. Or shadow charge tripod on distortion instead of quick prep. But I like quick prep more haha

In trixion you can try activate the second strike far from the scarecrow boss (at the edge of the purple range indicator) and see if you register damage and gain gauge. For me, in this situation no damage and no gauge.

i tried it earlier in trixion and i never missed the dmg and gauge, done it like 30 times
doing it from as far outside as possible as well as just anywhere around the edge area

Hmm weird.

I get quite consistent result in 2 different scenarios

  1. Second cast near the boss = got damage and meter

  2. Second cast far from the boss = no damage and no meter.

I not sure why. I have 250 ping tho

if you are countering on the teleport of nightmare its working. and i can safely say mine works

I see. Wonder why mine works differently. I’ll try upload a video of it not gaining any meter and damage.

Update: tested again in trixion and guardian raid, confirmed both returned the same result.

  1. No damage and meter if second cast nightmare far from target
  2. If cast near target, damage registered and meter gained.

Is this a bug ?

Help my reaper is bugged. When I activate nightmare the second time, the damage is at the point of activation not the teleportation destination.

this could quite literally be your ping, im on 15ms and never have it happen to me

since the teleport is supposed to be instant and the damage comes a few frames after i think that is the reason

Yeah the only plausible explanation so far.