Reaper or Arcana? HALP a returning player

Hello there! After not playing for over 2 months decided to give the game another go with all these new updates. But I want to start on a new class which with the the events currently going on shouldnt be too much of a problem. Im stuck between new reworked arcana (empress one) and reaper ( like both specs). Havent played either hence asking of you who have both. Which do you find more fun now with the new balance patch, how bad is it getting into groups etc as all my mates who we played with no longer play too. My main is(was) a gunslinger and a pretty decent one, so high apm/anim locks is not a problem. Thank you for any insights or guidance in advance!

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Judging from what I’ve been seeing on the forums,
Reapers are currently being gatekept from groups due to a lack of Relic set, Tripods, Level/Skill Points, and a bad stigma of FloorPOV.

Dont see many Arcana around, but they seem to be hit or miss.

Could always wait out till Summoner?

Depends on your playstyle, Would personally recommend arcana as she has top tier damage after getting full relic, it goes the same with reaper but reaper is very squishy one simple mistake could cost alot. like i said depends on your playstyle, if you go with reaper she has so much dashes so its quite hard to die, but also hard to master.

I don’t play any of the two but I can just say that both take a while to master so if you choose arcana or reaper they should be your main class. After last update arcana received a nice buff and is top tier dps if played correctly

I went with arcana. Looks really nice after the rework plays smooth aswell and as few of you said is finally considered a damage dealer. I really liked reaper too but the fact she is so popular and hard to play at the same time makes it a new most gatekeeped class for sure, and I already had enough of that with my gunslinger early game.

Best is to create a assassins and mage to do the class tester in trixion to see what you like more. I was very positively surprised by how smooth reaper felt and how well done sound and animation are

dont really knpw much about reaper, but empress arcana is so busted atm. Earlier missing any of your stacking skills or only landing them partly would have totally broken ur rotation, also most of your tarrott cards were low impact and you cpuld just use them immediately after u received them. Now the impactful and rotation altering cards pop up more often, u can run 4 ruin skills, and bpth pf the new cards are very useful and one of them actually dynamically changes ur rotation. thr dmg ceiling ia also higher than previously. Only prpblem is that it is hard to find a definitive meta build - or at least i could not - but if u like to experiment in trixion u can test variations for urself. So yeah, i can only recommend arcana - much more fun than what it uses tp be even if it was already interesting to play before the update as well.

if you stick with the game you can always make the other as another alt, both are a good choice and extremely fun imo

i would say for starters arcana is the better one, its slightly easier than reaper to not mess up on and the builds for it are cheaper and you can choose to play class engraving on lvl 1 or lvl 3 which gives you a few paths into gearing / which books or accessories you want to buy whereas reaper both class engravings are essentially mandatory on lvl 3

Ye I made an arcana and got her to 1445 and really enjoy her. I initially picked up gunslinger at the start because of the “hard to play” fast pace style which wasnt really it. While the movement may be fast but your big damage skills are something of a lack luster staying in animation lock waiting to hit the 4th shot of a riffle or shotgun. With arcana and the build I crafted I got what I initially wanted. Fast pace high risk high reward gameplay. Thank you all for your answers <3