Reaper players come on

still, scouter has way more survivability than a reaper at same ilvl and same gear

I would not say so.
Reaper has the best mobility I have seen in the game.

mobility is nothing if you dont know to utelize it, and chip damage is also a diffrent story if comparing scouter and reaper. constant 60% hp shields up to soak chip, use hp curse to topup lost when not transformed, where reaper takes it strait to its face
heck even human for i have shield as i use my mobility skill to prog it if needed. also good to trigger 2-5% hp doing hp curse and get nearly fully topped up, where reapers have to run as far away.
i seen and heard from so many sups that they hate having reaper in group atm cus they need babysitting and constant healing and shielding,

I could say the same. Shield is nothing if you dont know to utelize it. If your mobility/movment suck then you just floor pov all the time with a shield on the ground.
Sure you take no dmg but you also dont deal dmg… and then your shield hits 0 and you are out of transformation earlyer.

Reaper can use there movement skill and decoy to dont get hit at all.

In itself, the agguments makes no sense because we talk past us :smiley:
Scouter has low mobillity but for that he got a shield to survive.
Reaper has no shield but for that high mobliity to dodge attacks.
There is no one is better. It depends on the style of play.

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