Reaper release date

After destroyer

If they follow the timeline of the old leaked roadmap (since the current roadmap has changed practically nothing from what was leaked before), we should see it shortly after the destroyer update, maybe between June 19th and 29th or 19th and 29th July. Remember the old leaked roadmap looked like this, there may be changes.

Probably sometime this year.

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which roadmap are you referring to? the one i know was always 2 months.

maybe got a link or something pls

How this is a feedback post?

Not something we’ve shared yet – our previous roadmap only went 2 months out. Content and plans are something that often shifts and changes ahead of lock

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So what is the trick to getting a CM response? This gets one, when there is no answer other than “later”, and yet multiple threads about actual, current issues with the game get ignored?


Low hanging fruit always gets picked first my dude.

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If it is about bots or vpn then haven’t they already replied to those kinds of threads?

But arent the other versions getting their 3~ month summer road maps at the end of may?

I don’t disagree with constant shifts and changes, but I also don’t think that a 3-4 month roadmap is a big ask. From what little I know, KR has been doing that, and very well at that; they even make a big event of it and are developing new content to meet the goals they set out.

We are only publishing existing content with some changes here and there. Some changes are good and favorable for players, while other changes are not so much. Roadmaps do not only set goals to keep the developer and publisher on track and accountable but also to keep the community informed and engaged.

So if @Roxx or other CM have the knowledge and time to entertain my curiosity, should we expect these 2 month roadmaps with tentative goals to be the norm going forward? What is causing these shifts and changes to be so severe that even short term goals are tenative? Does AGS put too much importance in player feedback and reactions? Is the AGS and/or Smilegate branch team lacking experience or manpower to keep up?

I believe that at the very least, major goal posts should be set. The more minor events does not need to be in the roadmap and can be added or removed before release if necessary. That will give some wiggle room.


Prayge for reaper, prayge for all classes to be release faster than what we currently have so we will be hyped for real content release while pumping the character that we want to play and not be frustrated by honing on something that you don’t want to commit to ( even if it’s important to have alt, so early in the game, with the current economy and gold generation, with everything you need to buy to get setup, it’s a hard commit )

And class it’s not even “content”, not everyone will enjoy or get hyped by a certain class, people that have their class early will get milked ( that’s probably why glaivier have come so early while we already have like 5/6 martialist class ), other will mostly quit or getting bored, and it will be very hard to get them back to the game…

I’m a reaper enjoyer, waiting, i’ll not quit, but i don’t want this beautiful game to have less and less player because of that tiny but also really important thing wich is our “identity”, our “main”, our “class”

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Lets make a new poll and vote Arcana out again.

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Before our official roadmap, we had a leaked roadmap on reddit, it was deleted days later which was considered very strange, until the official roadmap was released, so everyone understood why the roadmap just disappeared from reddit, I believe if you look for it you can still find it on some websites if you look for some podcasts from players like Stoopzz, atk, zeals They talk about it, and even often say that the next script that comes out will be announced the characters as summoner and reaper.

Remembering this is not something official, but a leak that ended up growing at the time on reddit before the official roadmap, the initial part that they leaked on reddit happened, we need to wait and see if the rest will materialize.

Roxx, can we expect a new roadmap after the May update is released ? Maybe shortly after if you can manage that.

They leaked Reaper and Summoner in that PvP video on official Lost ark YT channel that also leaked ArkPass, also u can already find reaper skins in our current market search bar

I’m more interested in male reaper. Hopefully that’s being worked on by SG.

Reaper release date is by my expert calculations… is Roughly… after artist :slight_smile:

She’s in game already.