Reaper should be next

I’m being deported back to the UK in May, so please for my sanity, release the Reaper in June :grinning:

Good sales pitch I think (Also true)

Also please don’t rename it, Reaper is perfect, like death in the shadows, stalking it’s prey, the Reaper will come for you !


Reaper gang asseeeemmmblleeeeeee.


I would love if the 2 next releases are Reaper and Arcana or Summoner


Triple threat. Artist/Reaper/Arcana


I’ve mained Reaper in RU and i wanna main it here. Not knowing when its gonna come, is a real pain. Playing a placeholder for who knows how many months, really worsens the experience.


I want reaper too is funny to imagine the wierd name they can come up with like “daggerer”

reaper wouldn’t be a bad idea since it already got nerfhammered =D

Yup! Waiting for my main. Reaper next! LET’S GO!

LMAO! Hopefully not.

No one is going to know how to play reaper properly and ask for buff.

I actually quitted the game because Reapers is not here haha (reached 1340 with a temporary character and got so bored of not playing my main that meh, useless to give time to something you don’t enjoy), I just occasionally come to the forums to see if there’re news regarding the class. When the moment comes that I even stop looking through the forums that would just means that Lost Ark is dead for me. Such a great game (I was playing it in Ru before) to be so ridiculously handicapped like this e.e AGS is so bullshit really, since it’s obvious it is their doing to drip-feed the classes.

So yah, I support reaper coming next, for now I’ll just keep playing FFXIV and BDO xD

I just dont get why people want the worst class in the game so bad.

its probably going to be called dark stabber or kniferer or lady with butter knife.

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Call it Second Hand Deathblade or Bargain Deathblade.

In pvp at least grandmasters have it in s tier, above both blade and sh no…

Cause reaper skills looks better than the other classes skills.

Also is better than blade and SH on pvp

Reaper pls


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I wanna so hardly main reaper. I’ve played it soo much on RU that playing something thats not my main feels boring.

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Im surprised given assassins have the least sub classes currently that it wasn’t one of the first ones to release, or even being present at west launch.

I donno bout reaper having best looking skills visually, pally would be pretty close imo.