Reaper should be next

Imagine releasing assassin race, without the actual main class that is a literal assassin, cause lets be real, deathblade and demonic have 0 assassin things. And I have a deathblade ilvl 1395 untill i can swap to my main reaper.

I mained Reaper on RU and god damn its extremely fun to play.

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I’ll be real. I wanted a sword lightning character and the first i encountered was a support warrior… Then i went to the assasin section and found blade which was exactly what i wanted but didn’t feel like the typical assasin.
Blade still fits in the assasin crew as she remembers me of katarina from league of legends but i agree Reaper is the most accurate mmo rogue assasin

Dont think so, first lancemaster, second destoyer…third arcana…then probably scouter or summoner so u have 4 o 5 clases before reaper…that means around 6/7 months atleast…good luck

Glaiver wasn’t planned to be the first tho so who knows

Def not. They’re going to release whichever class cries the most on the forums about it after destroyer. Looks like artist is winning

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But artist has the controversial skins and those tend to be realesed on summer so guess which class won’t get realeased on summer? Exactly artist.
Reaper was announced early in the roadmap leak so while it isn’t the most requested class anything can happen in the near future.

Excellent speculation, truly insightful.

every deathblade i ask is waiting for reaper, hopefully it comes soon

Yo, where did you see reaper on a leaked roadmap? Cause I’m a main reaper and can’t wait to have it on global servers. I remember in the leaked roadmap it was destroyer and arcana, where was reaper ?

No one knows how to play Glaivier properly, but that doesn’t stop AGS from releasing it and people trying to rank PvP with her ON DAY ONE

I’m just here to add my voice to the “bring Reaper” chant

Let us being louder.

We want our Daggerer!

Next one after Destroyer is probably gonna be a Mage type or Artist for Support. I don’t think they’ll release 3 melees in a row.

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Most likely summoner and reaper are next.

Cloak and shadow her name is Reaper
Release her soon, our pockets get deeper

Seize the cash shop skin
Is it pay 2 win?

High seas set sail
Do you spot a whale?

Stealing pirate loot
She lookin kinda cute

AGS gatekeeper
Release our Reaper

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+1 , im not even a reaper main and i most likely wont play it, but its a popular and cool class so i hope they release it sooner than later

We need more activity regarding us wanting Reaper release! :slight_smile:

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R E A P E Rrrrr


Well there are only 2 assasin class so it would make sense