Reason why content are delayed-western gaming mentality

It only happens on western games. I tried lost ark japan and they didnt even give a sht about guides and ranks.

Western people mentalities are:
You let other people control what you want to do in the game. Streamer x says I should do this, (grudge engravings) so people are like zombies following the guide eventhough they cant dodge a single boss mechanic)

You need to be in the front line everytime. If I cant be on the frontline no one will. Please delay content.

Everything is centered around me. This is an mmorpg game meaning a multiplayer game. It doesnt revolve around you. What you think doesnt mean it is the best for the community. Go back to elden ring if you dont want to deal with lost ark which is an mmo. MMO is a marathon not a race. It doesnt mean you need to beat the game to win. In mmo you win by not quitting.

I am the best gamer out there. If I cant do it it means the boss is broken. Stop asking for nerfs if you are just a bad gamer. Remember there is always an asian kid better than you.

Amazon is a shtty game publisher. That I agree with you. This is the first publisher I have seen that is lowering their server capacities to compensate for the disconnects instead of just upgrading servers.


This is 100% true

You can’t compare westerners to japan LOL, we are two different people in many different ways. One example Japan mentality is they care about others experience and space. Unlike westerner we care only about ourself. Westerners envies what japan have and get but did you know they too feel the same way about westerners!

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But my arguments are true. The reason everything is messed up atm is because of 2 things. The western mentality and amazon as the game publisher

Actually JP players are a lot more meta slaves than you think, especially in games where money exists.

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It’s not a mentality thing, you’re asking a new player base to learn years of content and mechanics in the span of 3 months. I can handle it because I’m a coked up monkey, not everyone else is.

MMO is a marathon not a race.

It’s a race, always. That’s why they make events and comps on MMOs called races.

As for 99% of the things you’re quoting/strawmanning, they’re troll threads by alt forum accounts.

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yes, but it’s something we can’t change but only compare. That’s what makes us westerners different from the rest. The best way is to be the best version of ourselves and hopefully this game improves. Remember this game is still fresh! there will be flaws, ups and down. If perfect exist then we’re not human.

Blaming players or publisher for the developers incompetence is quite hilarious, but thank you for sharing your opinion.

Lost Ark japan’s version was probably the worst out of all versions on launch lol

If mmo is a race then what are you racing for then? If your goal to play an mmo is to rush to the current end game then you are just making a joke out of yourself as you are literally running yourself out of content. In all my years playing an mmo, I havent seen a single player winning in an MMO as most mmo’s including lost ark doesnt have an end. Devs will just keep pumping out contents as long as the playerbase is healthy.

And yes I agree that it is the worst out there as it launched without t3 yet. And here we are with a lot of content to work thru and eager devs to launch contents but because of how copium western people think, the contents are delayed/running out.

Ever heard of pro WoW guilds competing over world’s first kill of the YZX boss? Look it up, its a thing.

There are many reasons to rush to the end game content. Only because you are not aware of them, dont understand them or you simply dont care, it does not mean there is no “race”.

If mmo is a race then what are you racing for then? If your goal to play an mmo is to rush to the current end game then you are just making a joke out of yourself as you are literally running yourself out of content.

It’s hilarious that people like you preach “playing at your own pace” only when you’re talking about playing slowly. But apparently, people whose natural preferential paces are faster is a no go. xd?

Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it does not exist, or that it does not make sense. Also, who cares if I “run myself out of content”? I can just re-run whatever I want, stock up and prepare for newer releases, take a break, do horizontal content, do whatever I want.

Why do you care so much? You pretend there’s nothing to win, but you seem to be desperate in having others play at your slow pace, almost as if you feel like you’re losing compared to them. Maybe you’re more aware of what there is to win than you’d like to admit.

Cry thread number 1000

I know what you mean about world first kills and such. Hell I even played mmo with daily dungeon timers to show who cleared that certain dungeon the fastest and those certain individuals receive a certain aura as a tropy to boast to the whole community. And again did they beat wow after defeating the said world boss? No because blizzard will release another content after that and everyone will just catch up to you.

Also did i say something about paces? I am saying the reason why content is delayed is because there are people out there saying that if they cant hit the certain content on launch, no one else will.

To sum it up your arguments about winning an mmo are boasting rights for the world first kill/ to flex that you are one of the best. It is part of an mmo game but if you think like that, you will not enjoy the game as you compete every second there is. I have been in that part also on multiple mmo games including cash grabs like bdo. You gain nothing from it. just futile memories and an overinflated ego.

Bro you don’t even know how to use the reply function just give it up, comprehending competition is something that will, apparently, be out of your reach for all time.

you mean this function? I can say I am a dolphin at 1445 atm waiting for content and am pissed about the WESTERN people who are posting things in the forum about delaying valtan hard.

Western version is full of FOMO from players that are not even good at the game


It actually work both ways, people who rush like you cry more content and people who work slower want to delay so stop being hypocrite

To be honest, I think people like you might be a reason why they are delaying content.

Maybe they just hate whining, demanding and complaining players. After they have realized that probably over 50% of the whole players base is like that, they just stopped caring.

So what is the fomo this western people have on valtan hard? Let us have our content and you wlil reach it eventually when you get there. Again i am pointing out I am already valtan hard ready with a team and like you said in your post, most western people are people with fomo’s , Their roadmap went off course. This wouldnt have happened if you let the devs do what they planned from the start and stop complaining.