Reason why I am quitting this game

I got 4 alts in t3, 1425 main, the daily chores are simply mind numbing and unfun, for the past few weeks i’ve only been playing when I had gathered rested bonus and now I’m at the point of simply refusing to do these chores, for what’s the point of continuing to play when 95% of the gameplay has become uninteresting, I did the legion raid and I have to say I had great time because it was challenging but the excitement is going to go away as it did with argos, content becomes a farm + its only once a week, 20minute waiting in lobby for supports.

Now the only “exciting” or rewarding aspect of this game is your gearscore & dmg going up. you are now brainwashed into keep playing this game for this sole reason, your fun content of this game is simply getting more gear. If you are have community or friends to play with your experience might be more fulfilling than mine and that might be more worthwhile, but if you are playing alone, Ask yourself if you are truly having fun playing, or is it simply to distract yourself from your real life advancements.


You’re not wrong but you have to find the fun/joy in your characters or progress to enjoy the game. You can boil most MMOs to what you just said in a simplified way, but lost ark is really one of the worst offenders.

The grind does suck, but I do enjoy the payoff so I don’t feel that bad about it.

Every MMO is unfun outside raiding unless you a role player


@Temezu Don’t feel alone in this. Many just haven’t the courage to face it yet. I have and am going to play my Final Fantasy library until something gives here and provides me more to look forward to than 12 of the same chaos maps every day for infinity. The honing rate is just too brutal to feel like progress and I’m not paying a thousand USD to jump to last guy. This is just an observation for the data logs and not a whine or a tantrum, I’m providing my own remedy and going where the fun still is. I loved, loved, loved the story content here, there just isn’t enough left to hang onto through the mind killingly slow honing “progress.” I hope to be back later when there is more to enjoy. (P.S.) I have done most of the island adventures and side content, I really wanted to stay but I feel like my brain is petrifying, ((along with my Kaboos going numb!)) Time to go touch grass and Moogles! ;))

P. P.S. If I hear Lailai! one more time I think I might string up some islanders and roast them with apples.

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Welcome to an MMO

True, but then it’s basically the same for most mmos. U do the raids weekly then back to the daily grinds

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I wouldn’t say this exactly. Some MMOs have other very fun aspects. One main one that LA lacks for me is a social element. The game doesn’t really promote doing things with people outside of weekly content. Most daily play is very solo oriented. Other games have better housing systems, farming / gathering is more rewarding, crafting is more rewarding, open world pvp is more rewarding, etc.


Have you tried playing runescape and getting a 99 in 1 skill? This game is a blessing. Una dailes take less than 5 minutes with bifrost for your leapstones. Chaos dungeon is about 15 minutes. Guardian raids is 25 minutes (only do it on main + rested bonus on alts). There are 93 islands. Daily events that reward you. PVP events. Shops everywhere for you to get more mats. Go do different content, stop looking at your ilvl and getting fomo. I bet your at 20th limit and “i hate pvp islands” player. This game is fun, and the grind is by far less grindy than other mmo’s.


Lets all face the facts here. If you quit/take a break/stop doing your daily tasks you WILL fall behind and this game has ZERO catch up mechanics.

We are all afraid top stop playing because we know if we decide to come back it will cost $1000

What about World of Warcraft when we had Siege of Orgrimmar for over a year with the same content?

No MMO can actually keep up with locust players who devour everything they can with fast pace. MMO’s are about the slow daily grind, and personal goals in different content.

But yeah, we do not have the great variety yet. I think the sweet spot will be at around 3 legion raids with 2-3 characters. Then you will always have different challenging content you can do at your pace.

the only catch up mechanics is your wallet aka your credit card


I still remember my first 99 in RS back in the real 07 version :stuck_out_tongue:
Ended up with 99 in all combat stats… Man, such good memories, but holy f… did it eat your life away :rofl:

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