Received 1st and 3rd Twitch drop but not second one?

I have reached and claimed all three twitch drops so far through twitch, however, only the 1st one ( the fox) and the 3rd one (The paper hat) actually came through, while the LoLA chest didn’t. Obviously, everything is linked correctly for the 1st and 3rd one to come through, so support is no help just giving generic advice about linking correctly. Amazon says “contact twitch” and twitch says

“The game developer is responsible for fulfilling the Drop rewards in the game and in some cases, this may take time to process. Please contact the specific game developer directly for any questions.”

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Hi @DapperDuck!

I’m really sorry for the issues with your Twitch Drops.

As known, there was a general issue with the product inventory, which partially affected items like Aura, Twitch Drops, Loot, etc. Right now, it should be working since there’s been multiple maintenances lately to fix issues like this as shown in the picture:

You can view all of the information regarding this issue here at the known issues page: Update on Known Issues | Lost Ark.

I hope this information has been of help, have a great day! :bird:

ive made a post on this issue aswell. i havnt recived 1st and 2nd twitch drop. and it wont let me start on the 4hour collection of the 3rd item
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Hi @Jinxed02!

I apologize you’re having the same issue.

As stated before, this was a generalized error within the players, and the product inventory could be stabilized now with all the maintenance that has happened.

Please read this article regarding the drops:

Legends of Lost Ark Celebration Weekend

So, if you can’t progress on the Tier 3 drop, please wait till 5 PM CET today, February 27th, in order for the drop to be properly activated so players can start progressing.

Afterwards, do these steps to un-link/link your Twitch and Amazon Games accounts:

  1. Close the game completely.
  2. Go to this page: Twitch Drops | Lost Ark
  3. If Twitch is linked, unlink Twitch and relink. Then, make sure your Twitch account is linked.
  4. If Steam is linked, unlink it and relink it. First sign out of Steam, sign back in and connect to Twitch.
  5. Once both Twitch and Steam are linked, the third selection will be displayed. Then click “Activate”. You should see a pop-up message that says “Success! Your Drop will be available in Lost Ark Starting…!”
  6. Allow a time frame of 24hrs for the drops to be delivered.
  7. Log in to the Lost Ark > Check Inventory > and see if they come out.

I hope this information has helped, have a good one! :bird:

ive tryed that thanks. but i do have the active bottom on the bottom. and ive tryed activating it many times, both on 1st drop asell as 2nd drop… but hopefully unlinking, and re linking helps… X my fingers

Okay, yes please, do the steps of linking back everything, and lastly, activate the drops.

Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

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As alittle sad follow up. Ive now collected all 4 of the drops, from twitch streams.
disconnected, and reconnected my accounts as told to try.
and ive yet to recive any of the drops.
Though ive been told that if allready recived the drops, from past twitch event, then you cant recive them again. Then i should still recive the first drop. and i havnt.
Any chance i could get a helping hand on the first drop?

Yes @Jinxed02, you will be receiving your drop once the issue with the product inventory is fixed. Please visit Current Issues | Lost Ark for information regarding your issue with the drop that should be redeemable from your product inventory, but isn’t available yet.

You can also check our official news, where we are going to provide all updates about the process of fixing this issue: News | Lost Ark

Thanks for your report! :bird:

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now that the event is over, should i make a ticket somewhere to recive my twitch drop? or is the problem stil being fixed by devs?

Hi @Jinxed02!

If you still haven’t received your Twitch Drops, please contact live support in order to investigate this issue even further.

You can find the link to contact them at Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games and they will help you.

Please have ready a DxDiag file for live support, you can do this with these steps: Open and Run a DxDiag File

Hope you have a great day, see you in Arkesia! :bird: