Received Second Foudner's Pack in Product Inventory

I haven’t claimed it yet because I’ve already claimed and activated the one I bought before.

Is this a bug, or can it only be activated on another region or server, or is it compensation for not having access to the store, drops, aura, crystals for almost a week?

From forum banner:

It’s intended, if you look around the forum there are a lot of people complaining about not getting it yet. You can claim it on any server and it doesn’t expire so you can let it sit there as long as you want, but once claimed you cannot use it on another server.

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I see. I’d read about that before, but I assumed you’d only receive it on another roster, region or server (since that was the reason behind it?).

I’ll claim it on server that I’m already on, then, since I don’t intend to move.