Receiving less materials in 1385 chaos dungeon?

I ran two 1385 chaos dungeons on my main and two 1325 chaos dungeons on my alt. I have received less destruction stone crystal on the 1385 chaos dungeon (110) than the 1325 chaos dungeon (130).
I recall getting more materials on the 1385 chaos dungeon. Maybe this is just RNG, but I just wanted to check if there is a bug.

i have also noticed today i got a lot less mats from chaos dungeons came here to see if it was just me

I just did my first two as well and received only purple (1325) accessories and only 4 legendary ‘hero’s tattered’ equipment, and I think less materials then the 1370 chaos dungeon. The purple (1325) accessories aren’t listed in the expected rewards section at all and I didn’t receive a single legendary one. Just seems strange so I came here to see if it was just me as well