Receiving no gold from my raids

I have just completed all valtan and vykas raids and receive zero gold for any of them, is that normal?

I did it with my main which is set to receive all gold. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

perhaps you have already ran 6 characters with gold generations sources such as abyss from low-abyss (T1-T2)

First off, did you make sure your character is SELECTED to earn gold. You can only assign up to 6 characters to receive gold. If its not selected to earn gold, it will NOT get gold from the instance (even if you haven’t run 6 yet)

2nd, The Non-Main gates in Valtan/Vykas award very little gold and generally the chest costs the same as what you earn thus your net is 0 to to a few hundred gold. Only the last gate in both award any decent gold amount (and even that isn’t “that” much.

Keep in mind buying the boxes for all gates basically cut the gold gained to just a thousand or so at the last gate.

You basically only get 1700 gold on Vykas Hard and 700 gold on Normal if you buy every box.

You dont need to set them up just do the gold runs with 6 characters and it will mark them for you

Thats incorrect if you have more then 6 characters. If I didn’t set them up, my alt who was Tier 2 would take a gold bind away from my Tier 3 characters. It even states when you attempt to join an instance with it not bound that “this character will not receive any gold rewards as you have not assigned it to be eligible to receive gold” even if I haven’t yet used my 6 binds.

It does NOT auto assign it.

Unless that auto bind is something where you have 6 or less characters. but it does NOT auto bind if you have 7+ and if its not set, you WILL NOT get gold even if you have binds left. It defaults to the prior week if you do not change it. But it does NOT auto bind.

my guy where have you been? the game asks you which characters you want to earn gold with every weekly reset

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yeah i know i never mark the characters for gold run and havent encountered any issues and btw i have 13 characters :sweat_smile:

i have 17

eh no this is still wrong… again

i know this is a thing because i accidentally used my low level bard for oreha dungeon BEFORE i wanted to and claimed the gold reward regardless on that char even though i ‘‘marked’’ 6 chars already for gold rewards. so that system is flawed.

The entity between the chair and keyboard is clearly malfunctioning.

Then that is maybe if you dont set up the 6 and assign it. I run my T2 alt both last week and this week thru the T2 dungeons. He is not assigned and hes my 2nd character I run thru a dungeon. It clearly states in RED before joining the raid that since he is NOT marked to gain gold, he didn’t get gold at the end despite still having 5 open gold binds left. It tells you right before you click join the instance if your eligible to get gold or not. I’ll try to get a SS of the message today since I still have a few low T3 alts to run and still have 2 gold binds left yet.

But your clearly given a message before joining the raid if you will be binding a character or not.

OK the amounts people are quoting make sense, I googled it and somewhere like max-roll was saying 4.5k PER GATE and I thought I had received a lot more in the past, circa 15k total. I must be mistaken. This is all from one character.