Recieved Additional bonus founders pack

I received an additional bonus bronze founders pack (I refunded bronze pack on steam before buying platinum) and I assume that is why. Has anyone found out what to do about this? I contacted customer support and they gave me this message… I have not seen any messages regarding what we should do about this.

Ive asked the same thing about 6 times and tagged several mods each time.

Ive almost accidentally claimed this pack multiple times because its just sitting in my product inventory and every time i get new stuff i forget its there and almost hit “claim all”

Guarantee you despite the fact that we have asked about it a dozen times and despite the fact that it was their error sending it to us that we will get banned some day when we accidentally claim it for “exploiting” or some other nonesense.

They have no idea what to do about it or how to mass reclaim all these items from millions of people so for now its a silent subject they wont addrsss so that ultimately we can bare the burden of being in the wrong.

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