Recolour red skin Sorceress (dye), fix it please

Hi guys, I have a question please, the red skin of the sorceress is dyeable in Korea, but I tried to recolour it here, and I can’t (when I bought it in the cash shop it didnt said “not dyable”, so I buy it, but when I tried to recolour it I cant cuz it say “this item is not dyeable”), do you know if you will change it? I mean, I bought it because was not specied in the moment of buy it, if I knew this, I didnt bought it.

I bought it with 1000 blue crystals in the cash shop, I sent to you picks where you can see that it is not specified at the moment of buy the skin, but yes after that and a photo of Korea, where you can see that this skin in particular can be recolour.

If you can let me recolour it will be so appreciated please, i love that skin, but with that recolour, not another, if not please return me the 1000 blue crystals, because i want that skin only with the recolour.


  1. Photo showing that at the moment of buy the skin it doesn’t say that the skin can’t be dyable, so we understand that we can:

  2. Photo showing the same skin after buy it with 1000 blue crystals in the cash shop:

  3. Photo showing that the same skin can be dye in Korea server:

@Roxx @ShadowFox @TrevzorFTW

I asked on discord and Trevzor told me this: “I am not sure that it will be changed, but we can put that feedback to the team!” and this: “I can’t promise anything will change, but I can promise that the team will be notified :slightly_smiling_face:

I have to say thanks to Trevzor because he was so quickly answering my question and having it in consideration.

I think this is a bug, hope you guys can do it dyable, love that recoloured skin to be honest and want to have my sorceress like that.

Thanks in advance, have a great day!


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