Recolour red skin Sorceress (dye)

Up for an official answer


Dyeable in KR, should be dyeable here. Why do we even have the dye system when we have no costumes, and what little we do have can’t be dyed? Does Amazon not like making money?

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Another week with no fix? Bump.

Don’t think it a ‘no fix situation.’ It seems like they don’t care and aren’t going to change it.

I’d love to be wrong but this thread is 28 days of continuous bumping, asking for answers. They’ve not replied :frowning:

Well they changed the ‘bonus’ plat skins with no warning today, so I shall hold out hope for people that one reset they will log in and it will be fixed :smiley:

What do you mean by that? My sorc plat skin is still undyable. Have they changed something else?


Sorc barely seems to have any dyable skin options from what I can find, so it’s pretty sad they removed the option from two skins that were :frowning:

Hey, they randomly messed with changing the original outfit on some classes to have the cape, with no warning. To me this shows they can change things patch to patch even if you have opened box/equipped. So it gave me some hope I guess?

Maybe I’m just sucking down a lot of copium.

same as you, the main reason i bought it was because i liked the design and thought i could recolor it

One day the hot fix will include this. Bump!

people getting banned for buying plat skins from refunded packs caused the price of plat chests to plummet. hopefully if they become dyable they will because desirable again.

The post was created in Feb 11, it has 152 replies, and no answer from Amazon yet, how can it be possible seriously?

The answer you’ll get if they reply is ‘‘We’‘ll look into it’’ and never hear from them again like most other posts.

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It’s important to remember this topic that hasn’t had any response yet.


Up please, an official answer?

All of us want to dye this skin, that is already able to be dyied in Korean server.

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So this is still not addressed even once? I guess they really don’t care