Recommended items list on content screens

Personally, I don’t like battle items since I think it’s an extra step that should be covered by class kits. They exist though and probably will continue to.

The issue at hand is if players should be expected to use battle items in content like kunga, and if kicking them is acceptable. Matchmaking should always be in pursuit of the goal all players have, clearing the content. I believe when joining MM that players should do everything in their power to meet that goal. That means using battle items where it helps. Kicking is allowed because that’s how the community can enforce its majority opinion and create a social standard. Social standards are an important part of how mmo communities operate.

What should never happen is someone being kicked from content without any explanation. A new player might not know what items are expected when joining content. It’s wrong to kick someone for a mistake they didn’t know.

I think it would be helpful if content like guardians included a “recommended items list” that could explain which items are helpful. This makes the social standard more visible. I’d also encourage the community to be more willing to explain what mistakes a player makes to avoid future problems.

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Too many battle item posts., Good takes though and soo nice too see its not only the entitled crybaby leachers that are making posts after being kicked :slight_smile:

Really it’s just a discussion about etiquette and how visible should the etiquette be. Devs designed these items with clear purpose and presenting that purpose more visibly would remove a lot of room for debate.

Yes, I will be like a kid on christmas, waiting to see all cry posts from these cheap small brain leachers when they cant clear new guardian raid coming unless they start using items. “IM QUITING THE GAME, AGS AND SG ARE TOXIC AND ENTITLED FOR MAKING US USE A FRACTION OF OUR EARNT GOLD ON THE GUARDIAN”

this is why the game will die to people like these guys ^^^^
if battle item was a thing why wasnt it a thing back then before deskuluda? noone wasnt using battle items back then. cause people actually had a page build for certain raid. people like the guy above just wanna feel entitled and try to have authority over people. cause they somehow think their time is worth more then everyone in the game. when all they do is sit on their fat ass in front of a screen and dont touch grass.